Major Events Strategy

Reference: S10-001
Status: Approved by the Council on 2 March 2010

New Plymouth District is rapidly gaining a reputation for being a vibrant community in which to live, work, play and visit.

In November 2005 the Council resolved to adopt key principles for a District Events Strategy which focused only on strategic events.  The Council endorsed the updated criteria at its meeting on 27 June 2006.  These principles stated that the purpose of the Strategy was to support:

  • Major events which have the impact and profile necessary to change local, national and international perceptions about New Plymouth District, forming part of a coordinated marketing strategy and contributing to a vibrant community.
  •  Major events which attract domestic and international visitors in sufficient numbers to support the realisation of the tourism strategy’s goals for visitor nights and tourism expenditure, therefore contributing to a prosperous community.
  • Major events which strongly reflect the values of the Taranaki brand “like no other” and become inextricably linked to their location.
  • Major events which utilise the Council’s major event venues, helping to ensure their viability and meet their revenue targets.
  •  Major events which help to address seasonal gaps in visitor numbers, therefore contributing to a more sustainable tourism industry.

The Major Events Fund is the main form of financial support provided by the Council for major events in New Plymouth District.  The funding criterion is based on the District Events Strategy 2005.  The District Events Strategy 2005 sets out the strategic criteria for supporting major events based around:

  • Economic gains (attracting national and international visitor spend);
  • Social and cultural benefits (positively profiling New Plymouth and upholding the attributes of the Taranaki brand);
  • Marketing exposure at a national and international level; and
  • Developing potential return on investment.

In addition to this the key goals of the Major Events Fund are:

  • To retain existing sustainable events
  • To grow new and existing events
  • To attract new major events to Taranaki

Funding decisions are made by Venture Taranaki according to the Business Plan agreed between the Trust and New Plymouth District Council.

The Major Events Strategy 2010 provides an overall framework to guide the development and support of major community and major strategic events in the District of New Plymouth.  The purpose of the Major Events Strategy 2010 is to ensure that the District’s limited resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible to generate benefits for the community and those visiting New Plymouth District.