Summary of Submissions by Plan Chapter

How to use the summary of submission reports

The document below explains the different versions of summary of submission reports and how to use them.

Please note that the summary of submissions do not replace the original submissions. View the original submissions.

The further submission period is now closed. However, NPDC has been made aware of errors or omissions in the summary of submission documents. These errors have been addressed and re-notified in an errata document (which is a document that listed the corrections and clarifications to the summary of submissions documents).  

The summary reports linked below are the versions that were publicly notified on 12 August 2020. Please be aware that than errata document has now been released that listed the corrections and clarifications to the summary of submissions.
The content below should be read in conjunction with the errata document. Please refer back to the Proposed District plan page for more information on re-notification process. 


Summary of submissions

You can view all summary of submissions by chapter in the document below. This document can be quickly navigated using the bookmark links to each chapter, or by clicking on the desired chapter in the table of contents.

Alternatively you view individual chapters below.

Part 1: Introduction and General Provisions


How the Plan Works


National Direction Instruments

Tangata Whenua

Part 2: District-wide Matters

Strategic Direction

Energy, Infrastructure and Transport

Hazards and Risks

Historic and Cultural Values

Natural Environmental Values


General District-wide Matters 

Part 3: Area Specific Matters

Residential Zones 

Rural Zones 

Commercial and Mixed Use Zones 

General Industrial Zone

Open Space and Recreation Zones 

Special Purpose Zones 

Development Areas


Part 4: Appendices and Schedules


District Plan General

Planning Maps