Summary of Submissions Residential Visitor Accommodation

How to use the summary of submission reports

The document below explains the different versions of summary of submission reports and how to use them.

Please note that the summary of submissions do not replace the original submissions. View the original submissions.

The further submission period is now closed. However, NPDC has been made aware of errors or omissions in the summary of submission documents. These errors have been addressed and re-notified in an errata document (which is a document that listed the corrections and clarifications to the summary of submissions documents).  

The summary reports linked below are the versions that were publicly notified on 12 August 2020. Please be aware that than errata document has now been released that listed the corrections and clarifications to the summary of submissions.
The content below should be read in conjunction with the errata document. Please refer back to the Proposed District plan page for more information on re-notification process. 


Summary of submissions Residential Visitor Accommodation

This is a summary of the submissions received on the Residential Visitor Accommodation provisions in the Proposed District Plan.  While every effort has been made to compile all submissions specific to the Residential Visitor Accommodation provisions, it is important to check the Summary of Submissions - by submitter/provision, to ensure all submissions that may be of interest to you concerning this topic are covered.

If you made a submission following notification of the Proposed District Plan in 2019, you do not have to make a further submission.  Your original submission will stand.  However, if someone has made a submission that impacts you, a further submission gives you the opportunity to comment.