Section 32 Reports

Section 32 Reports

The following reports document the planning assessment and technical evidence supporting the recommendations in the Proposed District Plan.  These reports are prepared in line with the requirements of s32 of the Resource Management Act.  The reports are being considered by the Council at their meeting on 13 August 2019.
There are 33 Section 32 reports covering each section of the District Plan. The Overview/Strategic Objectives report is a higher level assessment of the changes and should be read in conjunction with the reports on particular matters of interest.


District wide matters:  Strategic Direction

1   Overview - Strategic Objectives

Appendix 1 - List of Relevant Legislation

Appendix 2 - Blueprint Key Directions

Appendix 3 - Plan Changes to the Operative District Plan


District wide matters:  Energy, Infrastructure and Transport Hazards and Risk

2    Energy

3    Network Utilities

4    Transport

Appendix 1 - Traffic Advice - Construction Traffic and Operational Traffic

5    Contaminated Land

6    Hazardous Substances

7    Natural Hazards


District wide matter:  Historic and Cultural Values

8    Entrance Corridors

Appendix 1 - New Plymouth Northern Entrance Corridor Study

Appendix 2 - Entrance Corridor Surveys

9    Historic Heritage

Appendix 1 - Heritage Buildings and Items Review

Appendix 2 - Heritage Buildings and Items - Additional Assessments

10   Notable Trees

Appendix 1 - Notable Tree Assessments

11   Sites and Areas of Significance to Maori

12   Viewshafts

Appendix 1 - NPDC District Plan Review Urban Viewshafts 2017


District wide matters:  Natural Environmental Values

13   Ecosystems and Indigenous Biodiversity

Appendix 1 - Other Legislation and Policy Documents

Appendix 2 - Process Undertaken for the Identification of Significant Natural Areas

14   Natural Features and Landscapes

15   Public Access

16   Waterbodies

Appendix 1 - Summary of Review of Significant Waterbodies


District wide matters: Subdivision

17   Subdivision


General District-Wide Matters

18   Coastal Environment

Appendix 1 - Other Legislation and Policy Documents

Appendix 2 - New Plymouth District Plan Review Coastal Policy Area July 2018

Appendix 3 - First Pass Coastal Erosion Assessment and Identification of High Risk Areas

Appendix 4 - NP District Plan Review Coastal Management

Appendix 5 - NP Coastal Erosion Assessment Detailed Assessment for Onaero

19   Earthworks

20   Light

21   Noise

Appendix 1 - Summary of Acousafe District Plan Review of Noise Provisions

22   Signs

23   Temporary Activities



 Area Specific matters:  Zones

Residential Zones

24   Residential Zones

Appendix 1 - Residential Rezoning

Appendix 2 - Residential B Study

Appendix 3 - Existing residential properties that have been rezoned to Med Density Res Zone or Gen Res Zone A to MDRZ


Rural Zones

25   Rural Production Zone

26   Rural Lifestyle Zone

Appendix 1 - Identification of Rural Lifestyle Zone


Commercial and Mixed Use Zones

27   Commercial and Mixed Use Zones

Appendix 1 - New Plymouth Retail Economic Assessment Update 2019

Appendix 2 - Rezoning of Individual Properties

Appendix 3 - Building Heights in New Plymouth's City Centre 2018

Appendix 4 - Operative DP Height Limits vs Proposed DP Height Limits in the City Centre Zone


General Industrial Zone

28   General Industrial Zone

Appendix 1 - Rezoned Properties

Appendix 2 - NP Industrial Land Capacity Assessment Update 2019


Open Space and Recreation Zones

29   Open Space and Recreation Zones


Special Purpose Zones

30   Airport Zone, Hospital, Port Zone

Appendix 1 - Building Heights - Port Taranaki May 2018

31   Future Urban Zone

Appendix 1 - Map showing the location of the Future Urban Development Overlay Areas

Appendix 2 - Future Urban Growth Assessments

32   Māori Purpose Zone

33   Major Facility Zone

Appendix 1 - Overview of Production stations and bulk liquid storage and handling facilities