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Our district is changing

Our review of the District Plan and your feedback identified key planning issues as a focus for the Proposed District Plan. The provisions of the Proposed Plan have been developed to address the key issues and create a successful district that meets the needs of all of our communities. 


Our district is changing

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Ngā Kaitiaki 

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Ngā Kaitiaki was formed in 2016 as part of our District Plan review and ongoing consultation. The group is made up of mandated representatives from iwi and/or hapū who have provided invaluable feedback, cultural narrative and the views and concerns of the different iwi/hapū they represent.

Resourced with an independent planner to provide professional planning advice, Ngā Kaitiaki have worked with us throughout our District Plan review, documenting their feedback on the Operative Plan and on draft versions of the new Plan. The group also gave focused feedback on a range of matters, including urban development and industry, papakāinga development, wāhi taonga and heritage, and the coastal environment. 

This feedback has been incorporated and woven throughout the Proposed District Plan. 

What’s next?

Notification of the Proposed District Plan to the public is a formal process guided by the Resource Management Act. The process is expected to take a couple of years and looks like this:

Process timeline

Once the process is complete and any changes made, the Proposed Plan will become the new Operative District Plan.

Are there any rules that apply now?

Most of the rules in the Proposed Plan will not come into effect until after the consultation process is complete and the final decisions on submissions are made.

However, some rules do apply as soon as the Proposed Plan is notified. These are generally rules that relate to the things we look after like significant historic sites, native bush and notable trees, and special waterbodies. 

Any chapter with provisions that have immediate legal effect will show a pop-up box at the top.  Rules with immediate effect will display an orange gavel icon.

It is important you check  to see if your property before undertaking any changes. You can contact us if you are unsure. 

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