Proposed District Plan

A view over New Plymouth city with Mt Taranaki in the background

Proposed District Plan

New Plymouth District is changing. To keep up with these changes, we’re updating the District Plan. The Proposed District Plan makes it easy to know where you can build, where you can do business and the important features in our district that we need to look after for future generations. 

View the plan online here:

Timeline showing the proposed district plan is now at the officers reports stage. next stage is hearings

Summary of submissions

Our Proposed District Plan was notified on 23 September 2019, with the submission period open until 22 November 2019. We had a great response to our call for submissions with over 589 submissions received, containing just uner 7,000 submission points.

We have worked through all 589 submissions and created reports summarising all of the decisions requested by submitters. The Summary of Submissions reports were notified on Wednesday 12 August 2020 and were produced in different formats to assist people in deciding whether a submission may be of interest to them.


Further submissions - now closed

The further submission period closed 5pm Tuesday 25 August 2020.

This was not a call for new submission points, but an opportunity to support, oppose or comment on someone else's submission.

Note to further submitters

Once your further submission is lodged with Council you must also send a copy to the person(s) who made the original submission on which you are commenting. This must be done within 5 working days of lodging your submission with Council. A full list of submitter contact addresses/emails is available.

View the documents below to get an overview of the submissions we received, the further submission process and FAQs.

Navigating the summary of submission reports

If you want to read all the submission points made by one submitter please see the Summary of submissions report by submitter. This is ordered numerically by submitter number (from submitter 1 to 589).

If you want to read all the submission points made on a particular chapter please see the summary of submissions by plan chapter. For example, if you are interest in submissions on Notable Trees, you may wish to view submission points on the Notable Trees Chapter of the Plan, as well as submission points coded to the Schedule of Notable Trees (these are submissions on a particular listed notable tree).

If you want to read all submission points about residential visitor accommodation, see the summary of submissions for residential visitor accommodation.

For those that would like to undertake your own analysis, you can use the full excel spreadsheet of submission points. This allows you to filter by chapter, provision or submitter. 

Word searching: if you are looking for a particular term, a word search bar function within the pdf reports can be accessed by Control+F


Next steps

Council has not made any recommendations or decisions on the submissions received at this stage in the process, we have only summarised their content. 

Now that we have received all further submissions, our planning team will begin considering all the submissions received in detail.  They will then produce a series of Officer Reports with recommendations regarding the submission points made.     

Please note: This process will take at least six months and may involve meetings with submitters to further understand their points. 

Getting to the decision stage of a proposed district plan process generally takes at least two years. 


Later in the process, we will hold the Proposed District Plan Hearings. At these hearings independent commissioners will consider all submissions and Officer Report recommendations. 

Again, this process will take several months. We will let submitters know when we reach this stage and how they can speak to their submission at a hearing.  

In the meantime, we are always available to answer any questions you may have. You can call us on 06-759-6060 or email at

Need help?

Are there any rules that apply now? 

Most of the rules in the Proposed Plan will not come into effect for a few years, until after the statutory process is complete and the plan is adopted by Council.

However, some rules came into effect when the Proposed Plan was notified. These are generally those rules relating to the things we look after, like significant historic sites, native bush and notable trees, and special waterbodies. 

Any chapter in the Proposed District Plan that has provisions with immediate legal effect will show a pop-up box at the top.

Gavel   Rules with immediate effect will display an orange gavel icon. 

It is important you check the Proposed Plan before undertaking any changes to your property. You can contact us if you are unsure.