Ōākura Rezoning Plan Change

Hearing Information - 20 May 2019 to current date

The documents in this section are provided chronologically with the most recent information at the top of the page.

Hearing transcript from - 2 December 2019

Hearing transcript (from 2 December 2019)

Applicant's response regarding Right of Reply

Applicant's response (4 December 2019)

Supplementary evidence from hearing - 2 December 2019

Applicant's evidence

Mike McKie
Richard Bain 
Andrew Skerrett (evidence of 11 October with supplementary addendum)
Andrew Skerrett
Luke Bunn
Luke Bunn addendum (Tonkin & Taylor Stream stability review)
Colin Comber

Submitter's evidence

Scott Grieve (legal counsel for Matthew Peacock, Richard Shearer, Steven Looney and Wayne Looker)
Kaitake Community Board
Graeme and Marion Duff

NPDC Planner

Written record of verbal response to evidence presented at the hearing


Cultural Impact Assessment - November 2019

Hearing Timetable - 2 December 2019

Hearing Timetable (updated 28 November 2019)

Planners response to further evidence

Planner's Report (22 November 2019)

Submitters further evidence

Expert Evidence on behalf of Matthew Peacock, Richard Shearer, Steven Looney and Wayne Looker

  1. Nick Gladstone (Traffice Effects/Issues)
  2. Cam Twigley (Planning)
  3. Peter Kensington (Landscape and Visual Effects)
  4. Matthew Peacock (Land Development & Subdivision Infrastructure Engineering)

Expert Evidence on behalf of NZTA

      5. Kelly Standish (NZTA)
           -  Additional Peer Review (NZTA)


Lay Evidence

  1. Graeme & Marion Duff
  2. Kaitake Community Board
  3. Helen Shearer
  4. Oakura School
  5. Stephen Wood
  6. Steven Looney
  7. Fay Looney
  8. Oakura submitters (listed in submission) - added 19 November 2019
  9. Sarah Foreman - added 22 November 2019

Notice of Reconvened Hearing

Notice of Reconvened Hearing (clause 8 updated 4/11 with the correct month)

Commissioners Direction - 30 October 2019

Commissioner Direction 6 September 2019

Response to Evidence Presented at the Hearing - Plan Change 48

Hearing Evidence - Day 2 - 23 July 2019

Applicant's Evidence continued:

Ivan Bruce
Andrew Fraser - presented by Kim Jansen
Alan Doy
Andrew Skerrett
Richard Bain
Colin Comber
Colin Comber - supplementary evidence
Colin Comber - maps

Submitter's Evidence

Kaitake Community Board



s42A Supplementary Response - 19 July 2019

This report provides a response to Expert Evidence circulated earlier this week.

Appendix 1 - Landscape Joint Witness Statement (previously circulated)
Appendix 1 - Traffic Joint Witness Statement (previously circulated)
Appendix 2 - Council Technical Advice

Hearing Timetable - FINAL - 19 July 2019

FINAL Hearing Timetable - 19 July 2019

Due to the expected duration of the hearing, there are likely to be changes to the timetable as the hearing progresses.  Future changes are unlikely to be updated on the hearing webpage.  

Any party likely to be affected by a change will be contacted directly (using the phone and/or email addresses supplied) as soon as practicable.

Expert Joint Witness Conferencing Witness Statements - 18 July 2019

Hearing Timetable - updated 16 July 2019 (now superceded)

Hearing Timetable (Updated 16 July 2019)  

Submitters evidence - 5 July 2019

Evidence on behalf of First Gas
Erin Whooley - Planning
View the evidence presented here

Landscape and visual impact assessment response to peer review - 17th May 2019

This report was prepared on 17th May 2019.  The document is referenced in the Planner's s42A report and has been loaded onto this webpage at the request of submitters.

Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment - Response to Peer Review (17th May 2019)



Hearing commissioners direction - 10 June 2019

Notice of hearing - May 2019

Application Information - pre 20 May 2019

The documents below include all material provided before 20 May 2019.  This includes the information provided with the application and all submissions and further submissions.

Private Plan Change 48: Wairau Road, Ōākura Rezoning

Reference: PPC18/00048
Status: Closed
Closes: 5pm Friday 14 December 2018 

An application has been lodged for a Private Plan Change to the Operative District Plan.  The application seeks to rezone approximately 58 hectares of land south of the Ōākura township from Rural Environment Area to mainly a residential zoning.   

The changes in zoning proposed in the application are as follows:

  • Residential Environment Areas (proposed Residential A, C and Medium Density) where the applicant proposes to create 395 residential lots ranging in size from 300m2 to 700m2.
  • The introduction of a Rural Lifestyle Area where 12 lifestyle sections are proposed to act as a buffer between the residential sections and the rural land. The application indicates these can be for equestrian lifestyle living.
  • An Open Space B and C Environment Area for local parks and natural spaces.
  • A Business ‘C’ Environment Area for a small business area.

Subdivision and development are proposed to be managed using a combination of a proposed structure plan (link below) and a specific suite of new rules and standards. The structure plan also details the proposed roads, services and walking/cycling/equestrian trails.

On 1 October 2018, Council notified the summary of decisions requested by those who made submissions on the Proposed Plan Change 48 and called for further submissions. Further submissions closed on Monday 15 October 2018.

Since notifying the summary of submissions, Council has been contacted by some of the 27 submitters who did not provide contact details in their original submission. Contact details have now been provided by 20 of these submitters, and NPDC has now accepted these 19 submissions as complete. Council is notifying this addendum document to the summary of submissions for those 19 submissions on Proposed Private Plan Change 48 (PPC18/0048) Wairau Road, Ōākura Rezoning. This addendum and further submission process does not affect or change any other submissions or further submissions made on the plan change.

Further submissions have closed.

Council decision - June 2020