Know Where to do Business

The new plan will provide more certainty to local businesses and potential investors about where they can locate.
This will help to make it easy to do business here.City Centre Design Guide Image

Where can I do business?

We want to be clear on where you can do business in the district.  Our business areas will be ‘go zones’ that are ‘open for business’ as follows:

  • The city centre is the regional hub for business and the focus for shopping and entertainment for Taranaki.
  • The towns of Waitara and Inglewood provide shopping and entertainment for their residents and surrounding rural areas.
  • Suburban shopping areas and rural villages provide convenience-based shops and entertainment that serves day-to-day needs.

We also want these areas to be:

  • Compact so that they can be vibrant and successful.   
  • Where people can live and enjoy an urban lifestyle. 
  • We will provide land for industry that is well accessed with services and that is separated from more sensitive activities.  

Looking  good

If our business areas look good then people will want to come and do business. We want to:

  • Have new buildings and changes to buildings that are well-designed.  The City Centre Design Guide will assist developers with this. 
  • Require verandahs and glazing on shopping streets so that pedestrians are sheltered from the weather and can enjoy their shopping
  • Provide the opportunity for greater heights in areas of the central city where views and character can be maintained.
  • Ensure that important buildings, trees and cultural areas are retained that contribute to the identity of our business areas.   

We want to ensure that new buildings and major extensions are well designed and fit in. We will work with you to get a good outcome for our shopping areas.

Central city story

Early settlement of the area by iwi was on the coast and the natural basin landform around the Huatoki Stream. These natural features have influenced the development of the urban form in the city centre.

Under the new plan, different height limits will apply in the city centre with taller buildings allowed around the edges of the Huatoki basin. The height limits reflect existing building heights and open spaces and protect important views. These limits are between 10m-22m and will be clearer on where higher buildings are allowed.

We identify heritage buildings that have important histories that we should protect. A heritage character precinct is also identified to recognise the city centre's cultural heritage and identity. This area runs from Liardet Street along the main street shopping area and includes the West End Precinct. There is an opportunity to reinvigorate areas around the Huatoki Stream to re-establish stream health and connect to our city.

What can I do on my property?

Depending on the type of activity most businesses will be located either in the centre, commercial service or industry zones. Knowing what zone you are in will mean businesses will know the planning issues up-front so that informed decisions can be made.

What can I do in the centre zones?

Activities that are allowed without resource consent are: • Shops, cafes, entertainment and larger shopping complexes in our city centre and major towns.
• Entertainment activities like cinemas.
• Offices.
• Housing and apartments.
• Education facilities, sport and recreation and community activities.

Activities that require resource consent are: 

  • Commercial services and activities.
  • Industry uses.
  • Larger shopping complexes if you are in a smaller centre.

You can do any activity in the city centre except industrial or rural activities.

What can I do in the service zone?

Activities that are allowed without a resource consent are:
• Commercial and service activities.
• Supermarkets.
• Community activities and sport and recreation activities.

Activities that require resource consent are:
• A stand-alone shop or cafe and larger shopping centres.
• New housing and apartments.
• Entertainment and hospitality.

We are testing these changes with you so it is important you find out more or get involved in the process by letting us know what you think.

What can I do in an industry zone?

Activities that are allowed without resource consent are:
• Industry use, i.e. warehouses and manufacturing.
• Retail, cafes and office spaces that are associated with main industry use.

Activities that require resource consent are: 
• Housing and apartments.
• Stand-alone shops and offices.
• Entertainment activities.

You can continue to do what you are doing despite any new rules that may be introduced.  However, if you intend to change what you are doing then you may be subject to new rules. This only applies once the new plan is approved.