District Plan Review

Digitial District PlanWe are in the process of reviewing our District Plan, our second to be prepared under the Resource Management Act 1991. 

We are in the final stages of working through the feedback we received on the Draft District Plan (October 2016) and Draft Digital District Plan (February 2018). We are working on the Proposed District Plan and we are now moving it through the Council approval process. Following Council approval, we will make some final checks before formally notifying the Proposed Plan for public consultation. Watch this space for more information on notification timeframes. 









Proposed District Plan

We are currently drafting our Proposed District Plan which is due to be notified in mid- 2019. The Proposed District Plan will help shape the district. It will determine what can be built and where, and will help manage parts of the natural environment.

It will be publicly notified in accordance with the Resource Management Act 1991.

Public notification will be followed by a formal consultation period where you will able to make written submissions, have your views heard at a hearing and appeal any decisions to the Environment Court.

Proposed District Plan Reference Material


two reference material documents for the proposed district planBefore we notify the Proposed District Plan, the first stage in our statutory consultation is to ask for feedback on the Proposed district Plan Reference Material. These are the documents that we intend to incorporate into the new plan by reference. View the list here.







timeline showing paper-based and draft digital district plans are in the past. Currently seeking feedback on reference material and next steps are moving to the proposed district plan in mid-2019

Background to the District Plan Review:

The Blueprint key directions were adopted in June 2015 providing significant direction for the District Plan Review.  

The Blueprint is a high-level spatial plan that supports and implements the Council’s vision and helps guide Council decision-making to deliver more integrated social, economic and environmental outcomes for the community.

The Council want to make the District Plan more certain and provide more direction for industry and property owners while protecting key values for the community. It is also important that our District Plan is streamlined and easy to use and is more accessible to the community. 

Draft District Plan (paper based)

In October 2016, we released a paper-based version of the Draft District Plan that proposed a new format with new objectives, policies and zones. It included rule summaries that gave a steer on specific standards that could be applied.

The paper-based Draft District Plan signalled a policy shift in how NPDC would manage aspects such as indigenous biodiversity, water bodies, traffic and transport, and the rural production zone. However, the four key areas of focus were:
  • Central city and local centres: keeping these areas prosperous and attractive for businesses and the public.
  • Residential growth: providing enough housing to meet the demand for 1,000 more people per year for the next 10 years, and responding to our changing demographic profile.
  • Managing industry: ensuring sufficient land supply and protecting key industries from reverse sensitivity, providing certainty for investment.
  • Coastal management: making sure that activities do not affect the natural values of the coast, and that risks from coastal hazards, such as storm surges, are managed
We received an excellent response to the paper-based Draft District Plan with 98 written comments covering 300 submission points on a range of issues. We also had a great result on social media with the draft plan reaching over 60,000 people. This feedback was used to help refine our issues and build a new Draft Digital District Plan.

Draft Digital District Plan

The Draft Digital Plan was released in February 2018. It included specific methods (zoning and rule responses). Developing a digital version of the District Plan signalled a new era in plan-making for our district. Our aim is to make it easier for the public to find planning information, including property specific zones and the planning rules.

The Draft Digital District Plan is not available right now as it is moving from being "draft" to "proposed". We are now moving the Proposed District Plan through the Council approval process. Following Council approval, we will make some final checks before formally notifying the proposed plan for public consultation. Watch this space for more information on notification timeframes.  

District Plan Review Documents

Pre-notification Proposed District Plan Documents

Digital District Plan Documents 

Paper-based Draft District Plan

Background to District Plan review

Draft Digital District Plan

Draft District Plan Viewed on multiple devices

The draft Digital District Plan was released in February 2018.  We had a great turnout to our four open days and three walk-and-talk sessions and received a large amount of feedback. The Draft Digital District Plan feedback period has now closed. We are continuing to work through the feedback and our informal consultation before we move into the formal consultation stage. Our Draft Digital Plan was well received and won some best practice awards - view the news release here. We look forward to continuing to lead best practice in the next phase of developing the Digital District Plan.

As part of the release of the Draft Digital District Plan, we promoted a “Know Your Zone” campaign. This included Know our Coastal Story”,  “Know Where to do Business and “Know Where we are Growing