Time for community to get disaster ready, says NPDC

25 September 2019

NPDC’s emergency experts have a simple message for people who aren’t prepared for a disaster: “Sort Ya Kit Out!”

A recent survey showed just 35% of people in the region feel they are prepared for an emergency, while just 30% have a getaway kit containing the essentials required to survive for up to three days. 

NPDC Civil Defence Lead Ben Ingram says that’s a scary thought, and something he and his team is wanting to change. 

“The main aim of asking people to Sort Ya Kit Out is to not only help our community understand how important it is to be prepared, but also encourage people to get started on their survival kits and outline the key items they could start collecting in order to get themselves and their families disaster ready.”

NPDC has teamed up with New Zealand artist Andrew J Steel to design a limited edition reusable shopping bag, which people can pick up for free at New World supermarkets in Waitara, Inglewood and central New Plymouth, next week. 

When people collect their bag, of which there are just 1000, they can also register to win one of 25 family survival kits worth $150, or one of two survival kits valued at $500 each.

The idea behind the bag is to encourage people to start filling it with key items that might be useful in an emergency.

Mr Ingram says getting a survival kit sorted is one of those things people think about doing and know is important, but often don’t get around to.

“A lot of people put it on the back-burner because it’s so easy to think we’re safe and nothing is going to happen. The harsh reality is, an unexpected event could be just around the corner.

“Even if you start collecting one item in your weekly grocery shop, you can build up a reasonable survival kit over a couple of months. Having any form of kit is better than having no kit.”

For more details head to www.sortyakitout.nz.

People can pick up their limited edition shopping bag from the following locations; New Plymouth New World (Wed 2 Oct, from 8.30am), Waitara New World (Thur 3 Oct, from 9am), Inglewood New World (Fri 4 Oct, from 9am). Available until stocks last! 

Key survival items (if you think wise to include)
Fuel in your tank
A variety of tinned food
First aid kit
Survival blanket
Copies of important documents 
Toilet paper
Warm clothing
Small radio

Salevi Tiatia and Ben Ingram: Sort Ya Kit Out