Just days to go before new kerbside collection starts

23 September 2019

Get your food scraps ready – the new kerbside bin collection service starts this Monday!

This week is the last time that the NPDC red plastic bags will be picked up at the kerbside. From Monday 30 September, it’s all about the landfill bins, food scraps bins, recycling bins and blue glass crates.

The collection day for your property remains the same. To find out which bins to put out each week, check the calendar that was delivered with your new bins. 

In addition, we’ll update the Rubbish Day Search webpage and the NPDC Recycling and Rubbish App this Friday afternoon (27 September). The app has an option for sending you an alert each week about which bins to put out.

The new collection service is part of $20 million NPDC is investing over a decade to achieve Zero Waste 2040. In addition, we’ll be cutting down CO2 emissions by using six new EnviroWaste electric trucks – the largest municipal electric truck fleet for waste and food scraps collection in Australasia.

The food scraps bin will help us redirect food waste from the landfill, and instead turn it into useful compost. Currently, food waste makes up 40% of rubbish bags’ volume.

Households should keep using their red plastic bags until this Friday. After that, please take leftover unused bags to the Civic Centre in New Plymouth or your local library for reuse by community groups or recycling. 

What goes into each bin?

Food scraps bin

  • Vegetable scraps, including peelings, stalks and skins.
  • Fruit scraps, including peelings, cores, stalks and skins.
  • Meat leftovers.
  • Bread.
  • Pasta and rice.
  • Dairy products.
  • Meat bones and scraps, including fat trimmings.
  • Fish scraps and bones, and shellfish shells.
  • Egg and egg shells.
  • Coffee grounds, tea leaves and tea bags.
  • Indoor cut flowers.
  • Newspaper wrapping.
  • Kitchen paper towels.

Recycling bin

  • Paper and cardboard.
  • Plastics with a number 1-7 in a triangle.
  • Tin cans.

Glass crate

  • Glass bottles.
  • Glass jars.

Landfill bin

  • Non-recyclable materials.
  • Non-compostable green waste (pest plants, flax).
New bin family