Native birds return to wild after Brooklands Zoo rehabilitation

31 July 2019

Behind the scenes at NPDC’s Brooklands Zoo, staff take care of injured native birds so that they can be returned to the wild. 

“We’ve helped six ruru get back to their forests in the last 12 months, as well as kereru and tui. It’s just fantastic to see injured native birds take flight after their rehabilitation,” says NPDC Manager Parks and Open Spaces Stuart Robertson. 

“We care for them behind the scenes at the zoo as they need a quiet environment to help them recover.” 

Brooklands Zoo has a Wildlife Act Authority permit from the Department of Conservation to rehabilitate injured native reptiles and birds (except kiwi and whio). Zoo staff have been trained to care for these protected species. 

All injured native species are brought to the zoo by DOC or New Plymouth Vet Group – the zoo cannot receive them directly from the public. 

“If you come across a native bird or animal that needs care, please contact DOC straight away,” says Mr Robertson. 

What you can do to help:

  • Ruru/morepork are prone to injury in urban areas, mostly with concussion from colliding with vehicles or windows.  
  • We can all take simple measures to help protect them putting stickers on large windows and driving to the speed limit.
  • Taking part in the work of Towards Predator Free Taranaki 2050 by cutting the number of stoats, possums and rats also helps native birds. 

Ruru at Puke Ariki
Kids can get a ruru hunt badge by taking part in the Puke Ariki Ruru Scavenger Hunt. Head to the Host Desk in the museum foyer to take part and for more info.