Huatoki Plaza to go green in CBD revamp

21 June 2019

NPDC is to give the Huatoki Plaza a green makeover in the first step towards creating a sustainable and more welcoming CBD.

The move follows the two successful mayoral forums, the CBD 2050 Forum in October last year and the CBD 2050 Summit in May, when stakeholders met to discuss the city centre’s future.

Out will go much of the concrete on the top level of the plaza and the tarmac in James Lane.  In will come lawn and native plants such as nikau to soften the concrete edges and help filter the breeze through the plaza.

Other changes include:

  • New seats with USB charging ports. 
  • New lighting in the plaza and James Lane.
  • A pathway connecting Devon and Ariki streets.
  • Removing the big yellow roof that currently forms a wind tunnel through the plaza. NPDC intends to reuse it at The Junction, the community’s Zero Waste centre that is being developed on Colson Road.

NPDC is also working with the owners of buildings next to James Lane about opening into the laneway and creating more vibrancy.

“Imagine coming to meet friends for lunch or sit and have a coffee in a green space bang in the middle of town.  Our community has told us they want a CBD that welcomes families and puts pedestrians first, a place people want to visit and hang out,” said NPDC Regulatory Solutions Manager Katrina Brunton.

“The CBD is the business centre of our district as well as the cultural and social hub.  We all have a stake in success. NPDC is listening to our community and we’ll be working together for its sustainable future.”

Participants in the two CBD forums highlighted themes to improve city centre, including:

  • More green spaces, such as “pocket parks”.
  • A greater focus on pedestrians with more paths to get round the CBD.
  • Family-friendly spaces, such as safe areas where kids can play.
  • More public and shared transport options, like e-scooters.
  • More consistent opening hours among retailers.
  • More homes in the CBD.
Huatoki Plaza, New Plymouth