Less plastic, more fantastic

12 June 2019

Another big step towards Zero Waste is on its way.

 There are new nation-wide rules around single-use bags coming our way. From 1 July all thin single-use plastic bags with handles will be banned. Supermarkets have already made big changes, but this will affect all businesses, from takeaway stores and corner store retailers to farmers markets.

Most shoppers have already got a selection of reusable bags so they should be ready to go when the changes kick in. Just remember to take them with you to any kind of shop, whether you’re picking up takeaways or stocking up on socks!

Not all plastic bags are covered by this new rule, for example heavy-duty plastic bags and bags without handles (like those you put your fruit in). So this is a good chance to look at other ways to cut down on single-use plastic that may be available.

You can:

  • Take a mesh bag to the supermarket to pop your fruit in.
  • Wash and reuse zip-lock bags for nuts and snacks rather than getting a new one each time.
  • Say no to heavy-duty plastic bags from retailers and use one of your reusable ones instead.
  • Choose brands that use paper or recyclable packaging over those packaged in non-recyclable soft plastics.
  • Take your own clean container to your supermarket deli or take away shop, then wash and reuse.

If you’re a business owner you can find more information on the changes here, or give us a call on 06-759 6060.

woman walking on teh footpath with a reusable bag