Brooklands Zoo maintains world-class standard in animal care

27 May 2019

The capuchins are happy and the birds are chirpy at NPDC’s Brooklands Zoo – and that’s because they’re getting world-class care.

The Australasia-wide Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) has renewed Brooklands Zoo’s accreditation, which shows it’s meeting the highest standards of animal welfare for a zoo.

The ZAA assesses zoos every three years on to see they’re properly caring for each animal’s nutrition, health, behaviour and environment and ensuring the animals are mentally healthy and happy.
Brooklands Zoo was first accredited in 2016 and the renewal shows its standards remain high.

“NPDC’s professional keepers are committed to providing great care and also run a constant enrichment programme for each species to keep them mentally active and engaged in their habitats,” said NPDC Brooklands Zoo Coordinator Eve Cozzi.

“Brooklands Zoo is also active in conservation and contributes to the world’s largest wildlife database that is helping to protect species and biodiversity.”

Brooklands Zoo keepers have added information to the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS), run by international conservation group Species360, on 570 birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals of 93 species since 2004.

The contribution has helped fill an information gap with critical data on fertility and survival rates, diet, physical health and behaviour and other aspects of animals’ lives.

Capuchin at Brooklands Zoo