Second Project on Civic Centre roof underway

02 May 2019

The most important skill in Shaun McGill’s scaffolding job is vision.

Roof repairs on the South Wing of the nearly 30 year old Civic Centre building in central New Plymouth, housing commercial tenants and council staff, have now been safely completed.

Shaun is the leading hand for New Plymouth firm Chain Scaffolding which has been working on the roof repair project. 

He has worked as a scaffolder in New Zealand and Australia for 15 years and every job requires him to look ahead at the different challenges of each building.

“You really do need vision for this work. Every building is unique.  You need to plan how to fit the scaffolding around it so people can move safely and efficiently.”

With work on the South Wing roof completed on schedule, NPDC is making the most of the scaffolding team’s vision and equipment.

A second project involving repairs on the Civic Centre atrium and the roofs over the Council Chamber and the Chamber foyer is now underway.

“If you hire scaffolding to fix the roof of your house, it makes sense to use it for other jobs that need fixing while you have it.  It’s good housekeeping to get as much as you can for your buck,” says NPDC Infrastructure Manager David Langford.

“Shaun and the team did an excellent job on the South Wing roof work, which included painting, and we still have a window of reasonably decent weather to get this second project done too.”

The roof repairs are the first on the building since it was built in the 1990s. Tenants in the building bring in income of close to $500,000 each year and the repair work is expected to last another three decades. $2.1 million has been allocated for this work programme from existing budgets.

Shuan McGill on Civic Centre roof