Opening day celebrations at Inglewood's Jubilee Park!

26 March 2019

The sound of grinding skateboards and children playing reached a peak in the weekend with the official opening of Jubilee Park's playground and skatepark.

About 200 people turned up on Saturday to celebrate the upgrade that has reshaped the Inglewood reserve into a destination park for locals and visitors alike.

Inglewood’s super-smooth skatepark has a streetscape design so that riders can practise their kickflips and ollies. Right next to it is a playground with a design based on input from the community about what they wanted to see. 

“The upgrade has definitely been a whole-community project. It’s fantastic to see the result with skaters and scooter-riders giving the skatepark a good go, and kids trying out the all the cool things in the playground,” says NPDC External Relations Manager Jacqueline Baker  

The open day featured a skate jam as well as a BBQ manned by the Inglewood Community Board, an MC and a free swim at the pool.

With support from NZ Community Trust, we have invested almost $500,000 in the new playground and skatepark that includes specialty and inclusive play equipment.
Boy mid air on a skateboard in a skate bowl