Outdoor water ban for Ōkato

11 February 2019

A ban on outdoor water use begins in Ōkato tomorrow (Wednesday) as the Mangatete Stream’s flows continue to lower.

Gardens may not be watered and cars and house windows may not be washed while the outdoor ban is in place.

“We need substantial rain over a decent period before the Mangatete’s flows will increase again. The long-range forecast has nothing more than a few showers coming our way so it’s important that Ōkato residents stop all outdoor water use for water conservation,” says NPDC Chief Operating Officer Kelvin Wright.

Meanwhile, continued high water use in Ōākura is putting pressure on the town’s storage reservoir and firefighting reserve, and if the demand continues it could trigger an outdoor water ban there as well.

Mr Wright has urged Ōākura residents to cut back on how much water they use and keep to the odds and evens system for hand-held hoses.

“That’s especially important on public holidays and weekends, when people tend to water their gardens and do other outdoor jobs,” he says.

Last Sunday (10 February), residents in Ōākura again used 33% more water than the town’s average daily demand whereas residents on the New Plymouth supply used just 6% more than its daily average. 

You can be a Wai Warrior by reducing how much water is used around the home. Pick up some great tips at newplymouthnz.com/WaterRestrictions.

Over the next decade, NPDC is investing an extra $44 million to upgrade its water network.

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