School bells mark the start of busier streets

03 February 2019

Schools are back from the long summer break and that means kids heading to classrooms and more cars on our roads.

Let’s Go wants mums, dads, caregivers, whanau, students and drivers to all take care and make it a safe start to the new school year.

The Let’s Go team will be running programmes throughout the year as it aims to help more and more kids to walk, bike, catch the bus or ride a scooter to schools.

If caregivers have to take children to school by car, please help keep all students safer by parking well away from the school gates and walking your child the rest of the way.

Also, you can lead by example – for instance, by using the correct crossing points when crossing a road.

 Here are some top tips to boost road safety near schools:

  • Remember there will be many children will be out and about from 7am to 9am and 2.30pm to 5pm.
  • Slow down in school zones. It’s not about the speed limit; it’s about driving to the conditions.
  • Park away from the immediate school zone: you’ll avoid the congestion and parking woes, and enjoy a short walk in to school with your child.
  • Do not stop in bus parks or on cycle lanes – not even ‘just for 30 seconds’.
  • Avoid distractions, especially the use of mobile devices.
  • Double-check before moving through intersections and crossing points.
  • Slow down to 20kmh when passing a stopped school bus dropping off or picking up students. This rule applies regardless what side of the bus is parked on – drivers going in both directions must slow down.

 For more information, check out the Let's Go Project.

Boy biking to school with his father and young brother