6 Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

17 December 2018

  1. Don’t bring all your food out at once. It can look impressive, but leaving food out of the fridge for more than two hours puts people at risk of food poisoning. It’s also just not as appetising and often lots goes to waste. Bring your nibbles and salads out in batches, and only bring out more once the first serving is done. It’ll keep your food safe, cool and might make you more aware of how much you are eating.


  2. Make the most of having leftovers, yum, yum. If you’ve kept everything cool, then Boxing Day will be a breeze. Some easy ideas to use up leftovers are a festive pasta salad, giving meats and leftover veges a quick chargrill on the BBQ and popping them in a burger or getting out some tortillas so people can build their own wraps and burritos.


  3. Reusable bags aren’t just for the supermarket. We’re getting pretty good at bringing our reusable bags to the supermarket, but you can take them everywhere. If you’re hitting the Boxing Day sales, bring your own bag to pop your bargains in. They are also a great stocking stuffer or alternative to gift wrap!


  4. Think about what you buy. Recycling is great, but it’s only one step towards zero waste. Reducing and reusing are just as important. You can reduce your waste by considering how important wrapping paper is, buying a little less food than you usually would (we all know we over-cater at Christmas) and forgoing straws.


  5. Separate things out. We can’t recycle materials that have been stacked and squashed inside each other. So please keep all your recyclable items loose to make sure that they can be recycled properly. And if you run out of room in your recycling bin, check out our final tip!


  6. Take a (free) trip to your local transfer station. While you will need to pay to dispose of waste, it’s always free to bring recycling to our transfer stations. So if you have been hosting a lot of people and you run out of space in your blue bottle bin or recycling bin, don’t resort to putting them in your red bag when you can get them recycled for free. You can find their locations here.
woman walking on teh footpath with a reusable bag