Hot tips for a cool Christmas

22 November 2018

Go to town on your tree.

close up of a christmas tree with gold and red baubles

We all know the saying less is more. But when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree our Fernery team go by the maxim “more is more”.  The more decorations and sparkly lights covering your tree the better. Place the decorations evenly around your tree, and arrange smaller decorations towards the top and larger ones towards the bottom. Their parting piece of advice (borrowed from Longwood Gardens in the U.S.) “It’s never done until it’s over done” so add that extra string of lights!

Give thoughtful gifts.

fans watching a show at the TSB Showplace


No-one wants to gift something that ends up in the back of someone’s cupboard. You can take the zero waste approach and agree to forgo gifts this year, or give an experience as a gift - like tickets to a show. Tickets also stretch out the gift giving vibes as you’ll get the warm fuzzies when you give the gift and again when they attend the show. Tickets to Toto at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands, or a night out at the TSB Showplace to see Cats are sure to be a hit, and if in doubt you can always get a gift card.

Don’t forget about your dog.

Dog on beach in New Plymouth



Looking after your dog year round is obviously important, but they have special needs over the summer. A few quick tips from our Animal Control team can make sure their festive season is just as merry as yours. Keep them hydrated, and make sure they have shade available to them throughout the day. Introduce them to newcomers and visitors, it will make them feel much more relaxed. And take your dog for walks during cooler parts of the day, hot sand and concrete can burn their paws (ouch!!) so stick to the morning or early evening.