NPDC to kick off multimillion dollar water project in Inglewood

25 October 2018

NPDC is spending more than $44 million over the next 10 years to improve the district’s water networks and Inglewood is the first cab off the rank.  A project is due to start in Inglewood, where a quarter of the town’s pipes will be replaced over the next three years.

“NPDC will be investing about $2.5 million in Inglewood’s water over the coming three years and replacing about seven kilometres of pipes. We look after more than 800 kilometres of water pipes throughout the district and they range in age from new to more than 110 years old, so it’s great this important piece of work is under way,” says Mayor Neil Holdom.

“Improving the quality and performance of our community infrastructure is a major focus for this Council. We have an obligation to provide a consistently high standard of services to our people and we are investing significantly to ensure our water networks meet the needs of current and future generations.”

The first phase of the work is to replace the old pipes in the Inglewood urban area which will be followed by replacing the main pipes that connect the town to the reservoir.  The project is expected to alleviate occasional issues with discoloured water.

The pipes will be made from PVC, a durable pipe that is common throughout New Zealand and is suitable for Inglewood’s ground conditions.

NPDC will be on the streets of Inglewood talking to locals about the details and we thank them in advance for their support.

More information is on the Inglewood Water Improvements webpage.

Inglewood Water Pipes Katie Armstrong