Forestry Venture a Win-Win for Iwi and NPDC

14 September 2018

A 30-year partnership between NPDC and Ngāti Maruwharanui iwi is now reaping rewards for the whole district with the success of a joint forestry venture.

The trees were harvested from about 6 hectares in the community of Tarata last month and have netted a healthy profit for both sides.

The joint venture began with Ngāti Maruwharanui providing the land and NPDC supplying funding and resources.

NPDC’s agreed share of the return was 60 per cent, which has brought the district about $170,000.

“The success of our district is built on prosperous communities and this venture shows how we can help that happen by planning our future,” said NPDC Chief Financial Officer Alan Bird.

“This venture is a win-win for everyone involved.”

Te Upoko o Te Whenua Marae Chair Nathan Peri said the harvest fulfilled a 30-year vision of the iwi kaumātua and the funds would help secure the future of the marae at Tarata. 

“The agreement started with the Inglewood District Council in the 1980s and was completed in unison with the NPDC,” said Mr Peri.

“This agreement we had with the council has strengthened our relationship and also enhanced our integrity as an entity to do business with.”

NPDC manages 333 hectares of commercial forestry on NPDC land and joint ventures with other land owners.
Forestry Venture a Win-Win for Iwi and NPDC