2018 Rubbish Bag Deliveries

09 September 2018

As we strive for Zero Waste, it’s our last year using red rubbish bags. From October 2019, we’ll be rolling out bins for collecting general and food waste. Every year we collect 7,000 tonnes of rubbish and 6,000 tonnes of recyclables from our homes.

Moving to a bins-only collection service next year is one of the steps toward diverting the 40 per cent of recyclable and compostable material that currently goes to the landfill.

Over the next six weeks, packs of red rubbish bags will be delivered for the last time, to some 30,000 homes across our district.The packs will be delivered in stages between about 10 September and 15 October. Some properties in New Plymouth city will receive five extra red bags first, then a further 52 red bags.

Extra rubbish bags

Due to a supplier delay, some properties will first get an extra pack of five rubbish bags, taken from existing stocks, in September, then their full 52-bag pack in October. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. Fitzroy to Glen Avon, Merrilands to Highlands, Westown to Vogeltown, Spotswood to Moturoa and the central business district are the areas affected.

Delivery of five-bag packs

If you live in these areas shaded on this map, you might get an extra five-bag pack first in September followed by your full pack in October. Please note this link was removed February 2019.


If you do not have a letterbox and there is no secure place to leave a non-delivery card, please contact NPDC after Monday 2 October and we’ll provide you with a set of bags. 
If your letterbox is too small for the bags to fit, a numbered non-delivery card will be left at your property. If a numbered non-delivery card is left at your property, please take it, your ID and proof of address to the Civic Centre or a service centre in Waitara, Inglewood or Bell Block so that you can collect your supply of rubbish bags.

 For more information please visit our Residential Rubbish and Recycling page. 

Zero Waste