Portable solar powered loo and shower unit for visitor hot-spots

15 August 2018

NPDC is delighted the Government is backing improvements to our facilities for residents and visitors.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has granted $156,000 from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund to enable NPDC to buy a relocatable cubicle with two toilets and a shower. The Taranaki-made solar-powered cubicle will send an alert when its septic system needs emptying.

The MBIE funding also covers improvements for managing sewage, rubbish and signs at the Waiwhakaiho River mouth, including Big Belly Bins that compress rubbish and send an alert when they need emptying.

Mayor Neil Holdom says he appreciates the effort Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis is putting into working with local government on tourism infrastructure.

“We’ll trial one of these portable units at a freedom camping site this year to see how it copes with demand. It’s an example of thinking differently and finding out if we can meet community expectations with local ingenuity,” says the Mayor.

“The idea of a portable toilet is nothing new but the idea of a Taranaki-made, robust, fully self-contained off-grid system with two toilets and a shower, solar panels, water and septic tank, which we can move around to where it’s needed, is something new for NPDC. We could even use it for big events or during emergencies.”

NPDC is currently considering which proposal for freedom camping it will send out to the public for their feedback.

“Whatever the outcome of that consultation we know that during summer the facilities at Waiwhakaiho will be stretched, and our people have expressed real concern about overuse, litter and related health risks. The Tourism Infrastructure Fund’s investment in improved facilities for everyone at Waiwhakaiho will help us meet growing demand at this busy spot and avoid possible environmental harm without hitting ratepayers in the pocket,” he says.

Relocatable toilet shower cubicle August 2018