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NPDC's Lake Mangamahoe set for 10km of extra trails 

02 August 2018

Kiwi mountain bikers are making tracks for NPDC’s Lake Mangamahoe with plans for 10 kilometres of new trails in the pipeline.

In a little over two decades, more than 30 kilometres of trails have been created and the New Plymouth Mountain Bikers club is on its way to having 1,000 members.

“The mountain bike trails are a fantastic creation and a great example of NPDC working with a partner to help us build New Zealand’s lifestyle capital,” says New Plymouth District Mayor Neil Holdom.

The club first developed the trails south of Lake Mangamahoe in the late 1990s. The land, set amongst 154 hectares of NPDC forestry valued at $1.8 million, has been leased off NPDC for $1 and the tracks were developed through thousands of volunteer hours, grants and sponsorship by the club. Races and other events are now bringing in riders from across the country.

“As a keen rider and member of the NP Mountain Bikers club I’ve seen first-hand what an awesome asset the club has created for the community,” Mayor Holdom adds.  “With more trails planned for the future and a new pavilion, Lake Mangamahoe will become an even bigger drawcard for local and Kiwi mountain bikers.”

Club president Hamish Neale says more than 10km of new tracks are being planned and a long-awaited pavilion on Plantation Road is moving forward with the cost and design now finished.

“We’ve seen an amazing influx of new members in just three years. We’ve gone from 300 to 800 members and our goal is to reach 1,000 members by next year,” he says. “Events like the Energy City Enduro race in a few weeks [18 August] are bringing in riders from across the country which is great to see. Our trails are about getting out there and having fun in a safe environment. It’s also a very social sport and our trails cater for everyone with tracks for all abilities and all ages.”

As well as being a great place for mountain bikers, Lake Mangamahoe has a lake circuit walk which takes trampers into a collection of giant redwood trees. For more information, click here.

Lake Mangamahoe fact file

Lake Mangamahoe is 235 hectares in total area including the lake and land used for forestry, hiking and mountain biking.

NPDC has 154 hectares of forestry at Lake Mangamahoe. The total value is $1.8 million.

Different sections of the forest, which is pinus radiata, are harvested every few years, bringing revenue to NPDC. 

The development of the area dates back to 1920 when the land was purchased to form a dam and lake. 

The lake supplies water to the New Plymouth District and is also used by TrustPower to create power.

NPDC has a pest management scheme for the area, trapping stoats, possums and other predator pests.

Lake Mangamahoe