Bin auditor helps push to improve region's recycling rate

24 April 2018

Beatrice Bjorn is hitting the streets to help keep the region’s recycling clean and green.

Currently, our kerbside recycling in Taranaki has a high amount of non-recyclables in it – about 15 per cent from all the recycling from South Taranaki, Stratford and New Plymouth districts.

Ms Bjorn’s role as a bin auditor is to educate residents on what can and can’t be recycled in the yellow-topped green bins.

“As part of our vision to work towards Zero Waste we want to increase awareness among residents about what can and can’t be recycled at the kerbside, and ultimately cut right back on the amount of non-recyclables that we get,” says NPDC Chief Operating Officer Kelvin Wright. 

Every street on an urban recycling collection in Taranaki will be audited over the coming 12 months. A tag will be left on bins noting whether the recycling is excellent or if non-recyclable items were in there. 

Ms Bjorn will also collect recycling data suburb by suburb, which will enable the three councils to target education that is relevant to each area.

The most common non-recyclable items that end up in recycling bins are plastics – including plastic bags, plastic film, plastic packaging and plastics that have no recycling number – polystyrene and fabric.

To check whether an item is recyclable, check out your District Council’s website or download the NPDC Recycling app from Google Play or the App Store.

Beatrice Bjorn inspecting recycling bin