Total hose ban begins in Okato

21 December 2017

A total hose ban is now in place in Okato and New Plymouth District residents are being urged to conserve water. 

NPDC says level two restrictions have been introduced in Okato and residents can only use water for essential services and not for things like watering their gardens until further notice.

The township’s water source, the Mangatete Stream, has dropped below the levels set in NPDC’s resource consent to take water. 

Other public water supplies around the region are also being affected by the early and dry start to summer but for now, using hand-held hoses on the odds and evens system will continue elsewhere in the district.

NPDC Infrastructure Manager David Langford says NPDC is leading by example and being a Wai Warrior by cutting back on its own water use as much as possible.

“We’ve already turned off our sprinklers in the central city and we’re switching to hand-watering at the Fernery and Display Houses as much as possible. We have also been hand-watering bedding plants only once a week.

“We’re also investigating using an old industrial reservoir that is full of untreated raw water for watering our bedding plants and Central Business plant boxes. The water is safe to use for these purposes but hasn’t been treated to a drinking water standard,” he says.

NPDC is asking everyone to become a Wai Warrior and save water around their homes. Small changes to daily water habits can save a lot of water.  There are water-saving tips on the Water Usage and Saving Water webpage at

In short:
Okato – essential water use only. Ban on hoses, sprinklers and irrigation systems.
Rest of New Plymouth District – hand-held hoses and normal commercial use of water only. Ban on sprinklers, irrigation systems and unattended hoses.

Wai Warrior water-saving tips:
The odds and evens system is now in place for everywhere in the District except Okato. If you live at an even-numbered house on the street you can use your hand held-hose on even days and odd-numbered houses on odd days. 
Sprinklers, irrigation systems and unattended hoses are banned.
Hosing the garden? Water the roots not the leaves, soak instead of spraying and do this early in the morning or later in the evening. 
Use a bucket and sponge when you clean your car instead of a hose.
Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth, shaving, washing vegetables or doing the dishes by hand.
Use full loads in your dishwasher and washing machine whenever possible, or use the half-load switch.
More Wai Warrior tips are at