10-Year Plan Proposes a Bold Future

18 December 2017

NPDC’s draft 10-year work programme proposes a new way to fund flagship projects and cap annual rates increases by setting up a Land business. This proposal will be debated on Thursday by the Mayor and Councillors at a full council meeting followed by extensive public consultation.

“We could recycle a small percentage of public land, such as half of the Fitzroy golf course to generate additional revenue of about $40 million,” says Mayor Neil Holdom.

“Half of this money could help pay for flagship projects such as extending the Coastal Walkway to Waitara, big ticket water sustainability work, an aquatic centre redevelopment, a multi sports stadium or other big items which we believe ratepayers will struggle to fund alone.

“The other $20 million could be put away to be perpetually reinvested to create a new wealth fund for our grandchildren.

“I make no apology for suggesting this bold approach, as I don’t believe our ratepayers can handle a double digit rates hike. We need to strike the balance between rates, revenue, growth, services and the ability of our ratepayers to fund it all. Ensuring that our facilities stay in good condition, our taps continue to run and our services continue at their current level, while committing to a five per cent cap on annual rates increases.”

For the average residential ratepayer, the proposed increase in 2018/19 is $1.68 per week (3.9 per cent).  The average annual rise over the 10 years of the plan will be approximately 2.9 per cent for the average residential ratepayer, with a cap of five per cent in any one year.  

For the next 10 years NPDC has a total estimated budget of about $2.09 billion.  The day-to-day running of NPDC (operational expenditure) is about $1.6 billion.  Investing in existing/new facilities (capital expenditure) is about $491 million. 

The 10-year plan proposes a work programme over six broad themes:
Lifestyle: $610 million
On the Move: $399 million
Treasure our Water (Wai Warrior): $263 million 
Prosperity: $189 million
Zero Waste 2050: $175 million 
Flagship projects: $40 million.

NPDC is looking forward to public feedback on the draft 10-year plan, including during the formal consultation period in March next year.

* Known as the Long Term Plan under local government legislation.