Be a Wai Warrior and reduce water use says NPDC

29 November 2017

As temperatures rise so has our use of water and New Plymouth District residents are being urged to become Wai Warriors this summer. Wai means water and Warrior is a person who takes on a good fight, in this case, saving water.

Every day we use 336 litres of water each, 30 per cent more than the national average. Our main water storage facility holds about 10 days worth of water. Water usage in November was up about 30 per cent on the previous month and many of our waterways are starting to drop with Okato’s Mangatete Stream getting very low.

NPDC Infrastructure Manager David Langford says the district-wide summer water restrictions will be introduced on Monday 4 December until 31 March.

“We’re urging all residents to do their bit to save water around the home: take short showers, don’t wash down paths and driveways, and use a bucket and sponge rather than a hose to clean your car.”

The water restrictions are on the odds and evens system: hand-held hoses can be used at odd-numbered houses on on odd-numbered days and at even-numbered houses on even-numbered days. Sprinklers and irrigation systems are banned until 31 March.

For tips saving water, please click here.

Wai Warrior Tips
A typical dishwasher uses 125 litres of water per load, so cram as much in as you can.
Summer gardens can drink 1,000L of water per hour.
Washing your car with a running hose can use up to 400L.
A deep bath can use more than 200L of water but a three-minute shower uses only 80L.