Welcoming Freedom Campers While Balancing Costs And Caring For Our Environment

23 November 2017

Public feedback on how to strike a balance between welcoming freedom campers, looking after our environment and being cost effective for our 80,000 residents will be debated at an NPDC public hearing on Monday next week (27 NOVEMBER).

There are 110 submissions on the draft Freedom Camping Bylaw and NPDC Group Manager Strategy Liam Hodgetts says a big camping season is expected in the wake of Lonely Planet announcing Taranaki as one of two top regions in the world to visit in 2017.

“Councils across the country are struggling to strike the right balance between managing our public places and being welcoming to visitors,” he says.

“We’re working on a Freedom Camping Bylaw as our current legal framework has limited options regarding enforcement which we use as a last resort.”

While the public hearing is this Monday, the elected members of the NPDC will deliberate and make a final decision at a later date.