Shingle Replacement Roof for The Gables

30 January 2017

The replacement roof for the historic Gables building in Brooklands Park will be made of shingles.

New Plymouth District Council Infrastructure Manager David Langford says the decision to replace like-for-like came after investigating various possible materials.

“We assessed various criteria and decided that shingles are the most suitable roofing material overall, and best preserve the heritage value of the building,” he says.

“Our intention from the beginning has been to use the best roofing material to stop the leaking problems at The Gables without greatly changing its character.”

Mr Langford says the leaks will continue to be managed until the new roof is in place, the timeframe for which will be established in the coming weeks.

“There are only a certain number of specialist contractors who can do this work and the timing of the project will depend in large part on their availability,” he says.

The roof is estimated to cost about $150,000 but the final price will not be known until after the tender process. The funds will come from existing budgets.

Under NPDC’s Heritage Strategy, the Council plays a key role in developing a district that values, recognises and cares for its heritage resources.