Pedestrian Railway Crossing Closed in New Plymouths CBD

30 January 2017

A central-city pedestrian crossing over the railway line has been closed to improve public safety.

From this afternoon (MONDAY) the crossing at Molesworth Street, next to the Len Lye Wind Wand, has been closed permanently.

Two other safe crossings are available close by: the pedestrian underpass at Puke Ariki Landing and at the Egmont/Molesworth streets’ traffic lights.

“The railway crossing at this site made sense when there was a controlled pedestrian crossing across Molesworth Street directly opposite, which stopped traffic to let people cross safely, but those lights were removed several years ago,” says New Plymouth District Council Infrastructure Manager David Langford.

“Since then people have been faced with four lanes of busy State Highway whenever they use this railway crossing, which just isn’t safe – especially when there are two safe alternative crossings so close by.”

This closed-off crossing point will eventually be beautified with landscaping.