Bylaws are rules or regulations that are created to control specific activities within New Plymouth District. Bylaws help ensure that our community is safe, healthy and vibrant. Their purposes include:

Requiring activities to be licensed; to ensure that activities are carried out in a safe and responsible manner.
Informing the community about acceptable standards of behaviour in public places.
Promoting a nuisance free environment, i.e. through rules on the keeping of animals.
Ensuring that the public can safely use public land.
Bylaws are a useful way of dealing with particular local nuisance problems. They focus on issues that the Council determines are significant enough to pass enforcement options.

The New Plymouth District Council Bylaws are made in accordance with the requirements set out in the Local Government Act 2002.

Alcohol Control Bylaw 2020
The purpose of this bylaw is to prohibit, regulate or control the consumption or possession of alcohol in public places to reduce alcohol related harm.

Animals Bylaw 2020  

The purpose of this bylaw is to control the keeping of animals (including pigs, poultry, bees, livestock and cats) within the district to ensure they do not create a nuisance or endanger health to neighbours and other members of the public; and to regulate the slaughtering of animals to avoid causing nuisance or offence.

Fire and Smoke Nuisance Bylaw 2020 

The purpose of this bylaw is to protect the public from nuisance caused by smoke from fires and to maintain public health and safety (other than in relation to fire safety, which is governed by the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017).

In addition to the Fire and Smoke Nuisance Bylaw 2020 the Taranaki Regional Council (TRC) transferred its powers under the Resource Management Act to the Council to regulate and enforce Rule 34 of the RAQP. Rule 34 of the RAQP relates to the combustion of waste material within defined urban areas.. Under this rule, burning household rubbish or green waste is banned on sections less than 5,000m² in urban areas serviced by weekly rubbish collections.  See the full Regional Air Quality Plan at the Taranaki Regional Council website. Or view the Regional Air Quality Urban Areas map.

Find out more about lighting fires in the New Plymouth district. 


Cemeteries and Crematoria Bylaw 2020

The purpose of this bylaw is to facilitate the orderly, safe, and efficient management of cemeteries and crematoria under the control of the Council; and minimise the potential for offensive behaviour in cemeteries and crematoria under the control of the Council. 

The Cemeteries and Crematoria Handbook accompanies the bylaw and sets out rules for the use of cemeteries and crematoria controlled by the Council.

Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2019

The purpose of this bylaw is to promote effective and efficient waste management and minimisation in the New Plymouth District and ensure that waste collection and disposal does not have significant environmental or health impacts, by regulating recycling, ownership of the waste stream, waste storage, waste management and waste collection.

Freedom Camping Bylaw

NPDC has adopted amendments to the Freedom Camping Bylaw 2017. The changes to the bylaw come into effect on 14 December 2018, and are as follows:

Self-contained freedom camping

Self-contained freedom campers can stay a maximum of three nights in any 30-day period at any single location, excluding banned areas listed below.

Banned areas - No freedom camping is allowed:

  • Back Beach bottom car park
  • Ōākura beachfront
  • Fitzroy Beach car park
  • East End Beach car park
  • Kawaroa Park
  • Waiwhakaiho River Mouth
  • Weld Road
  • Ahu Ahu Road
  • Corbett Park
  • Two areas at Tongaporutu
  • Battiscombe Terrace, with the exception of six marked spaces 

Non self-contained freedom camping

Non self-contained freedom campers may stay for a maximum of one night in a 30-day period at any of the restricted areas listed below, and must freedom camp in the marked spaces. The available spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Restricted areas - Areas where non self-contained freedom camping is allowed:

  • Lake Rotomanu, New Plymouth – four marked spaces for non self-contained freedom camping.
  • Battiscombe Terrace, Waitara – six marked spaces for freedom camping.


Camping in tents and other temporary structures on public land is banned in New Plymouth District. If you want to stay in a tent you can find a range of fantastic camp sites at the Visit Taranaki website.

You can read the full bylaw here or collect a hard copy of the bylaw from the Civic Centre on Liardet Street.

Click here to read more about freedom camping in the New Plymouth District on our freedom camping page.

Bylaws in the New Plymouth District Council Bylaw 2008 and 2010

2008 Bylaws Amended and Readopted July 2013   

2008 Bylaws Amended and Readopted September 2014