Unite Taranaki

Collage of thank you signs, with a black heart in the middle with a yellow sketch of Mt Taranaki inside the heart.

You have voted and told us that you want to Unite Taranaki by showing some aroha for our essential workers and making thank you signs to hang on your fences, and windows.

Essential workers such as nurses, supermarket workers, medical staff, rubbish collectors and water technicians will be able to see your signs as they drive to and from their essential jobs and will know that they have Taranaki behind them while they do their bit to smash Covid-19.

To help share your messages of support outside of your street take a picture and share it to social media with #UniteTaranaki.

Thanks for uniting with us, Stratford District Council, South Taranaki District Council, Taranaki Regional Council and Taranaki Emergency Management Office.

Some tips

  • Be creative, bright and bold
  • If you don't have paints or crayons use materials like leftover wrapping paper to make your design stand out
  • Don't go looking for signs outside of your neighbourhood
  • Post pictures on social media and use #UniteTaranaki so people can see the messages of support from far and wide

Need help getting creative?

Try these colouring in pages. Print them off and decorate, or copy some of the ideas onto your own piece of paper (or scrap of cardboard).