Periodic closure of Egmont Road

Periodic closure of Egmont Road 

During a two-week period, a section of Egmont Road will be closed periodically while roadside trees are trimmed.
This work will make road conditions safer and lengthen the life of the road surface.

Road to be closed: Egmont Road between the two intersections with Bridgeman Road (near the Hillsborough Car Museum and Mini Golf).

Dates of closure: from Monday 24 May to Friday 4 June.

Due to the nature of this section of road and to ensure workers’ safety, the road will be managed on a two-hourly cycle: closed to all traffic during the first hour, then open with Stop/Go traffic management for the second hour.

The times are:

Closed Open (with Stop/Go traffic management)
6am-7am 7am-8am
8am-9am 9am-10am
10am-11am 11am-noon
Noon-1pm 1pm-2pm
2pm-3pm 3pm-4pm

The road will be open without traffic management during the weekend of 29 and 30 May. 

The road may be reopened at an earlier time as decided by the contractor upon removal of all road closure signs and barriers.
The road will then be open to normal vehicle traffic and normal traffic regulations will apply.
Emergency vehicles will have access at all times.

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