New Plymouth Airport Redevelopment

New Plymouth Airport’s 50-year-old terminal is being redeveloped, with our new terminal expected to open in 2020.
Proposed view of new airport terminal
Artist's impression of the new terminal.

The current airport

The existing terminal opened in 1967 when annual passengers numbered 50,000.  Today the number is 440,000 and the building frequently struggles with the increased numbers.

New Plymouth Airport was originally a 50:50 joint venture between the Crown and NPDC, until NPDC become the sole owner in 2017.  NPDC established a company, Papa Rererangi i Puketapu Ltd., to run the airport as a commercial enterprise the same year.  NPDC is the sole shareholder.

For information on New Plymouth Airport, flight arrival and departure times,  airport parking and the terminal project see the New Plymouth Airport website.

The new airport terminal

The new terminal will be double the size of the existing building and Terminal 2 with the capacity to meet changing commercial trends.  Puketapu Hapu has been engaged in the building’s design, which will help promote our cultural history.  The terminal will also have a more open aspect with glazed walls and fewer internal obstructions.

Jetstar will move out of the temporary Terminal 2 into the new building and Air New Zealand will have a bigger Regional Lounge.  There will be more space for the café, new retail areas and the ability to create a passenger security screening area if required by Civil Aviation Security.

The terminal will include:

  • Check-in and luggage processing facilities for Air New Zealand and Jetstar and another operator such as Originair.
  • Larger arrivals and departures areas.
  • Modern baggage reclaim area.
  • More space for the café and new retail areas, which will increase lease income.
  • Changes to the public car park areas.
  • The potential to expand in the future. 

Project funding

No money will come from general rates. Aeronautical fees, terminal rents and other airport revenue will pay for the development.

Fast facts

New Plymouth Airport is the fourth-busiest regional airport in New Zealand and the ninth busiest in the country overall.  

NPDC asked the public for feedback in April 2017 before it adopted a new terminal design, costings and governance structure.  About 220 submissions were received and carefully considered.

The new terminal will have a footprint of about 4,092 square metres, around the same size as half a rugby field.

The cost of the new terminal is estimated at between $29 million and it will be entirely funded by airport income.

New Plymouth Airport is operated as a commercial entity under a governance team of four independent directors, free from political considerations.  NPDC is the sole owner.

The terminal building under construction March 2019.
Airport terminal outside June 2019.
Airport terminal from the inside June 2019.