Inglewood water pipes replacement

Project overview

We are investing in our water network to increase our security of supply. The first project is the replacement of nearly half of Inglewood's pipes over three years.

Phase one: The first phase of the work replaced several old pipes in the Inglewood urban area and installed new pipes between the town and its reservoirs. 

Phase two: We have finished installing flow meters at the water treatment plant.

In summer 2020/21 the old water pipe between the town and the reservoirs will be decommissioned.

Phase three: We've begun replacing old pipes in the northern part of the town. Residents and businesses will be contacted by letter before work begins on their street.

When a new pipe is connected to the network there will be a short water shutdown in the area, lasting usually a few hours. We'll advise affected householders about the date and time of a shutdown before it happens. We recommend that people have a supply of bottled water on hand to tide them over during the shutdowns.

You may see roads that have temporary hotmix seals on them once a pipe has been replaced. More work is still to be done at those sites, such as putting in new connections; once all the work is finished, a permanent and tidy chip seal will be laid down. 

This month we're working on:

  • Finishing the work at Pokaka Place, Puriri St
  • Carrying working at Konini Rd, Karaka St, Kahikatea St
  • Starting works at Rimu St and Richmond St

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these pipes being replaced?

We look after more than 800km of water pipes throughout the district. They range in age from new to more than 110 years old. Some of the pipes being replaced in Inglewood have been linked to an occasional discolouration of drinking water. Other pipes are coming to the end of their life and we’re is taking this opportunity to replace them.


Can you assure me the water is safe?

Inglewood’s water is treated before it leaves the plant and is regularly tested as per the Ministry of Health guidelines. Usually it is not considered a health risk, when related to this upgrade project due to sediment being stirred. But as a precaution we suggest you don’t drink discoloured water until it is clear.


How many pipes are being replaced?

We’re replacing nearly half of the town’s pipes – about 12.5km. That includes the two main pipes between the town and its reservoir.


Why aren’t you replacing all of Inglewood’s pipes?

The remaining pipes don’t need to be replaced due to their age and the material they’re made of.


What material will the new pipes be?

PVC – a type of plastic that is strong and durable, and is suitable for Inglewood’s conditions. This type of pipe is common across New Zealand.


Why is there a rough chip-seal over the pipes that have been laid in town?

This is a temporary seal while the workers continue pipe-laying. At a later stage, households will be connected to the new pipe outside their home; a good-quality permanent road seal will then be put down.


How can I find out when the work will be done on my street?

We will update this webpage every month with the latest work schedule. We’ll also be doing letter-drops on streets before work starts in those areas, to advise householders and businesses.


Will my water be turned off at any point?

During phase three, some properties will have only a five-minute water interruption while they’re connected to a new pipe while others will also require a shutdown of a few hours, depending on the work being done. We’ll be advising all householders about the date and time of their shutdown before it happens.


Could the water outages take longer than planned?

While that is possible, we’re confident the shutdowns will last no more than a few hours while properties are connected to the new pipes.


Should I stock up on bottled water?

We advise businesses and households to have an alternative water supply available, such as bottled water, for the duration of the project and especially during the shutdowns to ensure they’re not inconvenienced.


Will my kerbside rubbish and recycling still be collected?

Yes it will. The project’s contractor will make sure the rubbish collector can still get to the bags, bins and crates left at the kerbside on collection day 


Will my driveway be dug up?

Most properties will not have their driveways affected. For those that are, the driveways will be reinstated to the same or better condition – we will advise you if your property is included in this.


Will there be any road closures?

There will be some road closures necessary so that the work can be done safely. We’ll keep them as short as possible and we’ll advise the community before they begin.


Are the old pipes being removed?

No, it’s cheaper to leave the old pipes in the ground and lay the new PVC pipes alongside them.


Who should I contact if I have a question or notice a problem?

Please ring us on 06-759 6060 or email

Are other towns in the district facing a similar upgrade of their water pipes?

As part of our water network improvement project we are scheduling the replacement of water pipes that are coming to the end of their life throughout the district.