Reservoirs Construction Project

We are building two new reservoirs from November 2019 to February 2021. They will be located on Henwood Road and Mountain Road. The construction programme will take about 16 months.  

Timeline of Work

  • October 2019:  Trunk Main Tie-Ins at Henwood Road.
  • November – December 2019: Site set-up of offices and environmental controls (silt fences, etc.).
  • December – January 2020: Ground works (excavation, backfill and soil removal from site). 
  • February – April 2020: Construction of reservoirs' concrete base slab.
  • April – June 2020: Installation of precast concrete wall panels.
  • June – July 2020: Slab and wall infills.
  • August – October 2020: Installation of reservoir roof and ancillary valve buildings.
  • November – December 2020: Pipe work testing and tie-in to trunk main in Henwood Road.
  • January – February 2021: Final demobilization and remediation of sites.

Traffic Management Plans 

Veale Road Water Reservoir