Growth Planning Project


Population projections show New Plymouth District is growing by 1000 new people per year which equates to demand for 350 extra dwellings per year.

We are working to ensure we have sufficient supply of both residential and industrial land to meet growth demands for the district over the next 30 years. The focus for new residential growth areas is the southern edge of New Plymouth and Smart Road.  Our Future Urban Development areas in our townships will also be assessed. 

We are currently preparing a new district plan which intends to strengthen our planning approach to growth areas and will provide adequate land supply to meet the estimated demand. 

The New Plymouth District Blueprint

The Blueprint is a high level spatial plan for the district that supports and implements the shaping our future together vision and outcomes which help guide Council decision making to deliver more integrated social, economic and environmental outcomes for the community.

The Blueprint is supported by eight key directions that will be the Council’s focus for planning during the next 30 years. Growth is one of the eight key directions where the Council will work to direct a cohesive growth strategy that strengthens the city and townships.

Read more about the Blueprint.

Framework for Growth

The Framework for Growth was approved by the Council on 4 March 2008 and additional recommendations for Waitara growth areas approved by the Council on 27 May 2008.

The aim of the Framework for Growth (FFG) was to ensure that there is adequate residential and industrial land available for future development over a projected 20 year period (2007 to 2027).

The Land Supply Review (LSR) was the first comprehensive review of land supply since the District Council came into being in 1989. The land supply review was the background to the Framework for Growth.

A Future Urban Development Overlay is shown in the District Plan planning maps. The purpose of this overlay and associated rules to is to safeguard land for future growth and to ensure activities within and adjacent to identified growth areas do not compromise the ability to develop the growth areas.

A number of the growth areas have now been rezoned for growth and development.

Framework for Growth documents:

What has been rezoned?

Operative FFG Plan Changes

New Plymouth Areas E1 and E2 (Tukapa, Frankley and Cowling Roads) (Plan Change 25)
This Plan Change rezoned parts of the Rural Environment Area on Cowling Road, Tukapa Street and Frankley Road to Residential A Environment Area.
Status: Operative as of 29 August 2011

Inglewood (Plan Change 18)
This Plan Change rezoned parts of the Rural Environment Area between Karo Park and the Kurapete Stream and Karo Park Open Space B Environment Area, Inglewood, to Residential A Environment Area.
Status: Operative as of 10 August 2013.

Waitara Area A (Armstrong Avenue) (Plan Change 17)
This Plan Change rezoned part of the Rural Environment Area on Armstrong Avenue, Waitara to Residential A Environment Area and added a structure plan and associated policies, reasons and rules to the District Plan for Waitara Area A.
Status: Operative as of 18 January 2014 .

Bell Block Area Q (Wills Road to Airport Drive) (Plan Change 20)
This Plan Change:

  • Rezones Area Q from the Rural Environment Area to Residential A Environment Area; and
  • Applies the Future Urban Development (FUD) Overlay to Area R.

Status: Operative as of 17 August 2015.