General Election Signs 2020

General Election Signs

Please refer to the requirements set out here: 

There are some limitations on the erection and placement of election signage.

No election signage is permitted in or above public areas. This includes reserves, roads, footpaths, berms and state highways. Election signage cannot be fixed to utility poles or other structures on public land, including vehicles and trailers.

Infringement fines may apply for non-compliance.

Election signs are classified as Advertising Signs in the New Plymouth District Plan. The following requirements are set out in the District Plan.

Lettering size on signs

In areas where speed limits are:

  • Less than 70kph 120mm or greater.
  • More than 70kph 160mm or greater. 

Proximity of signs

In areas where speed limits are:

  • Less than 70kph: No rules. 
  • More than 70kph: Must be placed at least 0.6m X the posted speed limit away from each other.
  • Must not restrict views for at least 180 metres. 

Maximum height of a freestanding sign is;

  • 2.4m within the Residential Environment Area. 
  • 3.6m within the Rural Environment Area.
  • 9m within the Business B & C Environment Areas.
  • 3m within the Business D Environment Area.
  • 9m within the Industrial A, B. C, D & E Environment Areas.
  • 2.4m within the Industrial F Environment Area.
  • 2.4m within the Open Space Environment Area.

Lighting/moving parts

There are limitations on flashing, blinking and moving lights and mechanical movement of any part of the sign. Please contact the Council to find out the rules before erecting your sign.

Building consent 

Usually required if the sign structure exceeds:

  • 3 metres (in height); or 
  • 6m2 (in area)

Mounted signs on vehicles including trailers  

You cannot mount signs on vehicles (including trailers) and then leave them parked up on roads or public places unless the vehicle is being used primarily for transport purposes.

What election signs can't contain

You cannot copy the form, colours, shape or messages of any official signs.

Other matters: Other District Plan rules may apply. Please contact the Council if you have queries not covered by the matters above.

For further information on General Election signage please contact