Waitara Community Board Candidates

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Trevor Dodunski

profile photo of Trevor DodunskiMy principal place of residence is in the Waitara Community Board area. Hi, Im Trevor Dodunski. I have live in Waitara for 48 years with my wife Gael. I am seeking Reelection for the Waitara Community Board again this year. I have served on this board for the last 2 terms. I will continue doing community work in our town and pushing for other improvements like curb and channeling beach front improvements and access ability as well as fighting for the leaseholders. I am currently working on and in the community orchard. Also organising the Take A Kid Fishing Day. Being a Community Board member is about keeping your word and seizing opportunities for your community I have passion and drive for this community. If you need me to represent our town the first step is yours, so step up and vote for Trevor Dodunski for Community Board and find out what I have done and what more I can do.

Irene Godkin

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021 489 326 

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My principal place of residence is not in the Waitara Community Board area. I am also standing for Mayor-New Plymouth District Council, New Plymouth City Ward. Independent for Waitara Community Board, Councillor, Mayor. Breaking barriers more or less? Ethnicity, age, gender, diversity, political power. Fair share; Spend thrift; Other partners' money; Best use council resources; Mayoral initiatives Uncover and discover more community fair share; email igodkinz@gmail.com; call, text or voice message 021489326/+6421489326 After election, champion really great services.
Growing our ecommunity 20+ years. Irene is 59, Mäori, widow, divorced, current status single, non fluent other languages, career break chartered accountant, 26+ years professional membership in Australia and New Zealand. Irene lives with and supports her elderly father to live independently in Waitara. She will reside in New Plymouth providing other family and community support from October 2019. Irene was born in Waitara, relocated to Inglewood, settled in New Plymouth, attended local schools and Tarankai Polytechnic. Connect to see more www.linkedin.com/in/irene-godkin-
. With my compliments Irene Godkin

aka Irini Atuawhanaunga ancestry Rangimarie Rangitaputu Whatitiri Pue Motuhake mo te Poari Hapori hapori o Whaitara, Kaunihera, Tumuaki. Te whakakore i nga arai ka iti ake ranei? Iwi, pakeke, ira tangata, momo rereketanga, mana torangapu. Te wahi pai; He whakapau moni; Nga moni a etahi atu; He pai rawa atu nga rauemi a te kaunihera; Nga kaupapa o te Tumuaki; Nga waahanga tika o te hapori. igodkinz@gmail.com 021489326/+6421489326 Whai muri i te pooti, he tino ratonga nui te toa. Te tipu ake o te maakete 20+ tau. E 59 ana a Rangimarie, Māori, pouaru, whakarerea, he mana
tuuturu, kaore e matatau ana he reo ke, he kaikorero mo te mahi reti, 26+ nga tau hei mema ngaio i Ahitereiria me Aotearoa. Kei te noho a Rangimarie me te tautoko i tana papa tawhito ki te noho motuhake i Whaitara.Hihiritia/www.linkedin.com/in/irene-godkin-641828190 Me aku mihi ko Irene Godkin ara ko Irini Atuawhanaunga ara ko Rangimarie Rangitaputu Whatitiri Pue

Andrew Larsen

profile photo of Andrew Larsenthelarsens@slingshot.co.nz

027 577 5118

My principal place of residence is in the Waitara Community Board area. I was born in Waitara and grew up at Uruti. I lived in Waitara before moving overseas and returned with my family in 2005 and have lived in Waitara ever since. It has been a privilege to serve on the Waitara Community Board for 3 terms, this last term as chairman. Waitara is a great place and I am passionate about seeing it continue to grow and develop and that is why I am seeking re-election. A lot has been accomplished during the term, including the completion of the Marine Park to West Quay Walkway and the passing of the Waitara Leasehold Bill. There's still more to be done to make Waitara a more attractive and vibrant community. The Waitara to Bell Block coastal walkway and Waitara East and West Water Catchment plans are two projects that, if re-elected, I look forward to seeing completed this coming term.

Jonathan Marshall

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021 814 699

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My principal place of residence is in the Waitara Community Board area. I am also standing for New Plymouth City Ward. I have just completed my first term on the Waitara Community Board and I am looking to returning for a second term. As part of my role on the community board it was a privilege to chair the consultation process for the NPDC's 30-year plan for Waitara and is now on the council's website. This plan is broken down with key objectives for Waitara into the 10-year plan. I would like to follow through with this plan and see some of these short to medium term goals achieved. Nothing of the Council is delivered quickly, but needs determined people to see the goals of Waitara completed by holding on to these tabling them every meeting with the Council. We need our infrastructure, storm water, water and roading in the attention of Council. These are urgent and critical for our community. I believe I am the person to deal with these.

Josephine Moore

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021 022 97215

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My principal place of residence is in the Waitara Community Board area. I am proud to call Waitara home, it is an unique, special place rich in history & culture. I am a mother & partner with four children who has lived in the community for the last 12 years. I support the community by serving on the Orapa Kindergarten Committee. An active member of the Waitara Bar Boardriders, volunteer swimming coach with Waitara Swimming Club. I am also part of the beautify Waitara group. I am an approachable person who has a depth of real life skills and knowledge that will enable me to advocate strongly & effectively for the community. I believe that representing the community is about listening to the people, putting the best interests of the community at the heart of the boards decisions and advocating for the community when it comes to peoples wellbeing, infrastructure, environment and future growth & development.

Joe Rauner

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My principal place of residence is in the Waitara Community Board area. I have lived in Waitara for over 40 years, married to Vicki and have 2 adult sons and 4 grandchildren who all live in Waitara and are the future of our community. I currently work at Anzco Foods LTD Eltham I am actively involved in several organizations in Waitara and are seeking re-election to the Waitara community board. As a keen sports person I like to encourage people to be active which in return is good for their own health and endeavor to ensure Waitara will secure our future community projects. I believe I have enough experience to ensure progress continues and look ahead to the future growth of Waitara and surrounding district. Quality of life is important to me as is our district.