South West Ward Candidates

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Chris Hale

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My principal place of residence is in the South- West Ward area. Being born and bred Taranaki and loving this place, I want to see the region stay as the 2nd best region in the world. I am passionate about local business doing well in Taranaki and employing and developing local people for long term futures. I am standing as I want to see a change to bring back the support for local business from our Council. I want to see value for rate payer's investment. I want to see locally owned and operated companies support by NPDC work and employing local people. I want to see governance and open book accountability for NPDC spending of ratepayer's investments. I want to see local business supported by NPDC contracts and in turn those business support local family's through employment.
I want to see a region of growth and success for its people, how it has been in the past.

Peter Henderson

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My principal place of residence is in the South- West Ward area. Raised in Tataraimaka near Okato I have farmed on the same road all my life. I have B.Hort.Sc. from Massey University and I am keen on conserving and maximising natural resources. Sound youth education is of vital importance to me, I have served as chair of the local school and currently tutor agriculture at Witt and in High Schools. My life experience, connection to the environment and farming come from growing up locally and supporting my community through clubs and farming groups. On council I believe that I can be a farmers' voice: sound, experienced, understanding of grass roots needs. I am prepared to ask the hard questions and expect transparency. My family of teenagers and young adults keep me in touch with young minds - they engage me in robust debate about their vision of the future. A vision of opportunities, sustainability, innovation and diversity for our district.

Richard Jordan

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My principal place of residence is in the South- West Ward area. As a sitting councillor and Deputy Mayor, I'm committed to ensuring New Plymouth District has the high-quality living and working environment you all deserve. With 20 years local government experience, experience in business and a background in dairy farming, I work publicly and behind the scenes to listen to, and represent, our community at the Council table. I want to see our district continue to prosper and progress. I believe Council decisions must be well-informed considering long-term and short-term impacts, and that all voices are heard. Outside Council, I am Trustee/Manager of Inglewood Development Trust, Inglewood RSA's Treasurer, Moa Mail manager, and owner/operator of Fun Ho! Toys. I have lived and
worked in this community for most of my life, and am married with children and grandchildren. I ask for your vote. I'll represent your views and work hard for our community. Choose Richard Jordan as your number one vote.

Marie Pearce

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My principal place of residence is in the South- West Ward area. Having spent 12 years as your representative on the New Plymouth District Council I consider I have the experience and understanding of Local Government and am seeking re election. I have lived and worked in the Inglewood District for 40 years and have a good understanding of the Rural, Residential and Commercial ratepayer. Richard and I have been Dairy Farmers on Bedford Road and I was a retailer in Inglewood for 17 years. I am Chairperson of Inglewood First Trust and the Inglewood Civil Emergency Committee. I am a Trustee of Inglewood Development Trust and Inglewood District Health Trust. I was the organiser of the Inglewood Railway Station restoration. I am committee to keeping this District the wonderful, vibrant, and progressive place it is, and to keeping rates at a level that will not impact on our levels of service.