New Plymouth City Ward Candidates

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Colin Bell

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027 608 2577

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. Colin Bell is a retired civil engineer with a keen interest in local and national political issues. His current concern is the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to reduce the threat of catastrophic global heating. Action on climate change needs to increase substantially. The District Council must take a leadership role on climate change. This will require reductions of Council's own emissions and wider support for community and commercial organizations. Policies supported include:- electric vehicles in Council fleet, a car-free CBD, greater use of buses and bicycles, increased tree planting and solar PV panels on Council buildings. Colin fully supports the Government partial ban on oil and gas exploration and recognizes that alternative industries will be needed to provide employment. Colin considers that the Council has an over-representation of conservative and business interests and needs a stronger representation of progressives and environmentalists.

Sam Bennett

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. My lifelong dream has been to serve my home town of New Plymouth by helping us to collectively make decisions that positively impact the region. My key campaign values are: People. My number one priority, I will serve the district, listen, consider and advocate the needs and wants of all people. Safety. With 31 years in Emergency Management and Civil Defence, I will ensure the district is equipped for any adverse events and is a safe place to live for everyone in every way. Respect. I am empathetic and diplomatic and treat all people with sincere respect and dignity. I will seek to improve the living conditions, standards and lifestyles of everybody. Areas of interest include Infrastructure, Volunteering, the
Business Community, Taranaki 2050, the Visitor Sector, and Zero Waste. A vote for me helps elect a person with the skills, passion and empathy to build the region. Your place; my home.

Katherine Blaney

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022 105 5979

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. My desire is to see our community flourish and to represent your voice at the council table. I believe that coming together, speaking together and working together with trust & understanding is necessary for our community to thrive. I have skills and knowledge to share from 20 years in the workforce, including running my own business and setting up a local non-profit organisation (On the House). I am a problem solver at heart with a positive attitude and strong work ethic who is great at getting things done! I am excited by the chance to be part of a council where we can truly collaborate with the community and work smarter to provide for those in need. My aim is to empower our residents to get involved and I look forward to engaging with the community as a Councillor, so I can represent your voice in shaping our city.

Kia ora Tātou, Nō Canada ahau. E noho au i Ngāmotu. Ko Blaney tōku whānau. Ko Katherine tōku ingoa. Taku hiahia kia tū hei māngai kōrero, kia whakapuawai te hapori. He whakapono tōku ngākau kia hui tahi, kōrero tahi, mahi tahi hoki, i runga i te pono, i te tika, i te māramatanga. He wahine kaha au ki te tautoko i ngā whānau ki te whakamanahia rātou i a rātou anō. Kei a au tētehi kete o ngā pūkenga me te matauranga ki te tohaina atu ki te hapori katoa. Nāku te rourou, nāu te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi!

Gordon Brown

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027 776 6277

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I believe in open, transparent local government with all major decisions that affect the community being made in public. Councils are answerable to our people and listening is a big part of the process. I want to continue to advocate for those many people who do not have a voice. We should all be equal. That's when my experience in being a forceful advocate around the council table can make a difference. I care about our community and have been chairman of Pukekura Jaycee, New Plymouth Rotary, Taranaki Safer Families Trust (formerly Rape Crisis Centre) and currently chair Sport Taranaki. I want all of our communities to have modern, up-to-date sports and recreational facilities for all to enjoy.

David Bublitz

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. After leaving New Plymouth to complete a Degree and a Teaching Diploma in the early-90s, work and travel kept me out of the region until 2005. The pull to return to the place I grew up was irresistible; particularly to bring up a young family. Since my return, my experiences working as a teacher and Director of Sport at New Plymouth Boys' High, coaching New Zealand age group basketball teams, along with seven years involvement with the Taranaki Mountainairs as both an assistant and head coach, will allow me to bring a broad perspective to the position of District Councillor. I am passionate, that as a community, we continue to develop our facilities in cost effective ways, to ensure this a place where locals are happy to live, visitors are excited to explore, but most importantly, our young people feel they are a meaningful part of our community.

Anneka Carlson

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021 404 642

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. Anneka Carlson - Greater Variety, A Better Society. Diversity around our council is key. I want to see a diverse council that looks like our community. Innovation, creativity, youth engagement and our environment are the key focuses I want to pursue. I want New Plymouth to continue to be a great place to work and live. I will be driven to actively engage with the younger generation and the rest of the community. I want to understand the entire communities' views and opinions, and I can only do this by engagement with you all. I am 30 years old, honest and hardworking and I believe I have the communication skills, the drive, the stamina and heart for being a great Councillor for the New Plymouth City Ward. It would be an honour to represent our amazing city. Please Vote Number 1 for Anneka Carlson Follow me on Facebook or Instagram:annekacarlson.4npdc/

Murray Chong

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021 936 837

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I've enjoyed being your councillor and have proudly maintained my stance on representing how most ratepayers think on important issues. I'm an advocate for the people and aren't afraid to challenge and ask the hard questions when required. I've a reputation of saying it how many see it, and I'm proud of that.
The attitude of "we have always done it this way" is not a good enough reason for not trying new things that would benefit most ratepayers. I'm the third youngest councillor and believe it is important that practical thinking is represented around the council table. My mortgage firm on Northgate has always welcomed any ratepayer to pop in to discuss council issues. Over 20 years of self-employment with the finance industry gives me valuable knowledge and experience I can apply as councillor. I hope to continue representing your important views by saying what needs to be said.

Amanda Clinton-Gohdes

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027 305 1828

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I am a lawyer and a scientist, with a heart for our community. I have experience in governance, research, strategy and equity advice, tertiary sector, property and commercial law. I am currently on the Board of Dress for Success New Plymouth, the council of the New Zealand Law Society Taranaki branch, have volunteered at Taranaki Retreat, and am in my second year of Te Reo Mäori. To ensure New Plymouth keeps being an incredible place, we need to connect with, support each person in our community, especially those who often don't have a voice. We need to look after our environment and respond to the pressures of climate change. We need to transition to a low emissions economy while ensuring that no one is left behind. We need to do this for our future, but also for our children, our grandchildren - because your future matters, and so does theirs.

He kaiwhakawhiwhi ahau, he kaiputaiao, he ngakau tōku mō to tātou hapori. He wheako aku mō te kawanatanga, ki te rangahau, ki te whai rautaki, ki te whai ture rawa me te umanga hoki. Kei te tū tonu ahau mō te Poari o Dress for Success New Plymouth, te kaunihera o te New Zealand Law Society Taranaki branch, kua awhina i te Taranaki Retreat, ā, kei te tau tuarua o Te Reo Māori ahau e ako ana. Hei whakarite kia mau tonu a New Plymouth hei waahi whakahirahira. Me tautoko i ia tangata i roto i tō tātou hapori. Me tiaki tō tātou taiao me te urupare ki te kaha o te rereketanga o te taiao ne. Me whakawhiti tātou ki te ohanga tukunga iti i te wā e kore tehati e mokemoke. Me mahi tenei mō ā mātou hekenga mai, mō ā tātou tamariki, ā tātou mokopuna ano hoki.

Mike Crow

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06 751 3732 

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. My name is Michael Crow and wish to stand for councillor. I was born in New Plymouth and attended New Plymouth Boys High. Following this I became a teacher and then taught around New Zealand. After an overseas trip I eventually returned in the early 80's. I'm married with 5 adult children and 9 grandchildren. Being retired, I continue to relief teach at Francis Douglas Memorial College. I decided to stand as councillor as I've concerns about the current direction the Council is heading in respect to the fiscal policy. I once
supported the development of the Rugby Stadium and swimming pool complex but now I'm firmly against this and would look to find alternative ways to avoid a burden to the ratepayer. I support the walkway as I believe this is a healthy direction that we should take. I shall endeavour to support the community to my best ability.

Harry Duynhoven

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021 460 161

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I am also standing for Taranaki District Health Board. New Plymouth born and bred; married to Margaret with three adult children. I've had the privilege of serving New Plymouth in several roles; Member of Parliament, Mayor, and for four years now as Councillor. During my term as Mayor, we began the structural and financial changes, which now see our district in a much better position. As councillor I have contributed skills, knowledge and experience and Council is making good progress. We must keep our district a positive, progressive and attractive place to live and visit. It is vital that council lives within its income, concentrates on necessities and operates with transparency. We need to minimize costs to rate payers, while keeping the sparkle and safe-guarding our environment. I've always worked with people from all walks of life to make a positive difference. Our future will see huge changes, we need to be ready.

Barbara Fakavamoeanga

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022 586 9449

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. Barbara Fakavamoeanga. Name you can't say, but can trust. Community - I walk this talk.

Sarah Foy

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. As a new voice on the council I would bring skills in leadership, collaboration, strategic communications and community involvement. New Plymouth District is vibrant with many natural assets - I want to help ensure it remains diverse and functional, committed to caring for its people and places. I am a former journalist now working as a communications advisor in an innovative health organisation. Married to Warwick Foy, we have three children and a wide-ranging network of community connections. I am the recipient of a New Plymouth volunteering award, involved in the governance of Taranaki Computer Access Centre and of Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary. I have the ability to analyse information, understand opposing arguments and bring people together. Hard work doesn't faze me, nor does asking difficult questions. A vote for me is a vote for a commonsense, committed and collaborative approach to council leadership.

Bruce Gatward-Cook

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027 499 0024

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. Reasonable rates providing an enviable infrastructure and an exceptional lifestyle has to be our focus as a district. When I returned to Taranaki back in 2000 as communications director for the Destination Taranaki tourisim office, there was no Wind Wand, coastal walkway, Womad, or even Puke Ariki. It was the vision and drive of Council and members of the community that we now enjoy all of these. In my role as a media professional, I have promoted the region and the innovative companies that work here more than most and know we need to keep growing and evolving. That doesn't mean there shouldn't be serious debate about big ticket items such as the Yarrows Stadium rebuild. That's not going to lead to reasonable rates. We are a great place to live, work, visit and play. My mission is simply this - Let's make our place even better!

Bev Gibson

profile photo of Bev Gibson027 240 4613 

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I am also standing for Taranaki District Health Board. Bev's professional background is in nursing and management; she holds a Master's degree. Bev is self-employed and delivers consultancy services to ACC. Bev's platform in Council includes accountability (for all council expenditure, better management of council budget; reduce debt); pro-tourism (attract new visitors, build upon current businesses, charm investors to develop new ventures); building Mäori engagement (collaborate with Iwi in Taranaki, improve consultation); enviro-friendly (clean rivers and beaches, better effluent discharge, recycling and water access); social responsibility (rates at a reasonable level, improve on current infrastructure); healthy community (focus on employment, youth, elderly and disability) and family values (high moral standards and discipline). Bev has exceptional communication skills, thoughtful approach, and doable solutions. Proven leadership and experience in governance and strategic planning. Can think outside the box to identify innovative solutions to local problems. Solid knowledge of business
management and commitment to fostering the growth of our community.

Irene Godkin

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021 489 326

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My principal place of residence is not in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I am also standing for Mayor-New Plymouth District Council, Waitara Community Board. Independent for Waitara Community Board, Councillor, Mayor. Breaking barriers more or less? Ethnicity, age, gender, diversity, political power. Fair share; Spend thrift; Other partners' money; Best use council resources; Mayoral initiatives Uncover and discover more community fair share; email; call, text or voice message 021489326/+6421489326 After election, champion really great services.
Growing our ecommunity 20+ years. Irene is 59, Mäori, widow, divorced, current status single, non fluent other languages, career break chartered accountant, 26+ years professional membership in Australia and New Zealand. Irene lives with and supports her elderly father to live independently in Waitara. She will reside in New Plymouth providing other family and community support from October 2019. Irene was born in Waitara, relocated to Inglewood, settled in New Plymouth, attended local schools and Tarankai Polytechnic. Connect to see more
. With my compliments Irene Godkin

aka Irini Atuawhanaunga ancestry Rangimarie Rangitaputu Whatitiri Pue Motuhake mo te Poari Hapori hapori o Whaitara, Kaunihera, Tumuaki. Te whakakore i nga arai ka iti ake ranei? Iwi, pakeke, ira tangata, momo rereketanga, mana torangapu. Te wahi pai; He whakapau moni Nga moni a etahi atu He pai rawa atu nga rauemi a te kaunihera Nga kaupapa o te Tumuaki Nga waahanga tika o te hapori; 021489326/+6421489326 Whai muri i te pooti, he tino ratonga nui te toa. Te tipu ake o te maakete 20+ tau. E 59 ana a Rangimarie, Mäori, pouaru, whakarerea, he mana
tuuturu, kaore e matatau ana he reo ke, he kaikorero mo te mahi reti, 26+ nga tau hei mema ngaio i Ahitereiria me Aotearoa. Kei te noho a Rangimarie me te tautoko i tana papa tawhito ki te noho motuhake i Whaitara. Hihiritia/ Me aku mihi ko Irene Godkin ara ko Irini Atuawhanaunga ara ko Rangimarie Rangitaputu Whatitiri Pue

Richard Handley

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027 466 0391

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. JP. Richard is a second term District Councillor and has been Chair of both the Finance, and the Audit and Risk Committees.
I am nominated "champion" for recycling and Zero Waste and am also keenly interested in future economic development, tourism and improvements to community amenities. I am a JP, member of TDHB, both local and national YMCA boards, Taranaki Diocesan School board, an Allie of the Taranaki Retreat Trust, the Vestry of St Marys Cathedral and a Rotarian. My career has spanned agriculture, banking, health and tertiary education and I have also worked in Solomon Islands, Philippines, Nepal and Afghanistan. I am qualified BBS, Dip Agriculture, a Chartered Member of the
Institute of Directors and was recently awarded a Fellow of CAANZ the Chartered Accountants of Australia and NZ. I am experienced in governance with a keen eye on money management and risk management. (See Google/Richard Handley/Linkedin, #0274660391)

Stacey Hitchcock

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027 415 4233 

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. It's been a privilege to be one of your Councillors and Deputy Chair of the Planning Committee this term. I would greatly appreciate your support to continue this work. A Taranaki local, I bring over 18 years' of leadership and governance experience. This includes strategic and financial decision making across local and national organisations, and a background in youth and community development. We have incredible opportunities and some challenges ahead. We need focused, positive and strategic leadership to provide for our current and our future needs. We need to balance ambition and vision with responsible financial planning and environmental sustainability. We're all so incredibly proud to call Taranaki home and it's vital we have strong partnerships and collaboration across our community to reach the best outcomes for all. I will continue to bring hard work, determination and passion for our District, building a future we can all be proud of.

Louise James

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021 450 580

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. Building Thriving Communities. I strongly believe in supporting our environmental, economic and social sustainability and initiatives such as predator free, zero waste, sustainable food practices and the revamp of the Huatoki Plaza. It's a privilege to have grown up in Taranaki's unique lifestyle with past and future generations and am proud to call New Plymouth my home. We must preserve our open spaces, maintain playgrounds, provide specialised places for locals to pursue interests, not just Pukekura Park for tourists, but support our broad community at all levels. As a COGS Committee member, I get to learn, interact and support many community groups that exist in our region. My unique voice brings to the table a lifetime of experience and wisdom that has propagated from being a volunteer in the community, working in public health, active in Christian life, relieving in the Early Childhood Education sector and being creative with videography.

Joanne Kuvarji

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027 870 2488

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I am also standing for Mayor-New Plymouth District Council. Kuvarji, from the people, for the people, has a uniquely genuine, down to earth leadership style which she attributes to her strong coastal roots and humble beginnings. Kuvarji has a 'know who you are, be who you are' philosophy which she has demonstrated consistently as a Maori, Indian and European Mother, Musician, Business owner and Active Community leader. Kuvarji takes pride in all things community, from the community programs and initiatives she has developed, right through to supporting people in need of assistance. Focusing on pastoral care, council accountability, sound infrastructure, minimizing unnecessary expenditure and total
community inclusion, Kuvarji envisions supporting the fourteen councillors to make fully informed decisions that adequately represent the community by whom they were elected. Kuvarji is excited to bring her analytical eye for detail, strong leadership, professional qualities and multi-cultural understanding to the table to benefit us all long-term. A fresh face, with fresh ideas!

Greg MacKay

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027 320 0318 

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I am also standing for Mayor-New Plymouth District Council. My name is Greg Mackay and I am a straight forward guy. I want to offer you my services as both Mayor and Councillor for the following reasons: I believe in proper representation for the residents and ratepayers of the region; I believe that the council should revert
to supporting core services; I firmly believe in reducing costs consistent with providing basic services. I make no apologies for being an ordinary citizen. All I can offer you is honesty and accountability.
Vote for me and I will work for you.

Chris Manukonga

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. Chris was born in New Plymouth and is the President of Grey Power New Plymouth Association. Chris will stand as the fresh face for the baby boomers and seniors of New Plymouth, very mindful that you could be left out by "youth knows best". Chris wants the Council to reduce spending by returning to the staff levels achieved by the previous CEO. Chris advocates for a vibrant CBD where more people and less cars works well for businesses and safe for pedestrians. Chris thinks the Huatoki Plaza is perfect for showcasing music, dance, arts, crafts and mini sports, as originally planned, with the canopy. Chris thinks the Council should allow for the build of 2bedroom units near the central city. Chris has a background in management, community service and volunteers his spare time to entertain for rest-homes, retirement villages, social groups and clubs. Vote 1 Chris Manukonga

Jonathan Marshall

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021 814 699

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My principal place of residence is not in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I am also standing for Waitara Community Board. New Plymouth District is a place I am proud to call home. I have a wide range of experience that will be an advantage to Council. I am Financial Advisor, have served on board of trustees, community groups and in the last term the Waitara Community Board. This experience has led me to the conclusion that to help boast our District forward we need to volunteer ourselves and vision. I am long term campaigner and lobbyist to Council for the last 30 years. My most successful lobbying is on behalf of members of our community and in some cases this has taken 25 years to see fruition. I believe in our people, the key to a successful district, and I believe that we cannot rest on our successes to date. Key points for Council are infrastructure, vision of leadership, consultation, and the upkeep of our assets. 1-2-3 vote for me.

Dinnie Moeahu

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021 146 2813 

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My principal place of residence is not in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I'm honoured to be nominated by two community leaders as I stand for the New Plymouth District Council. I'm passionate about businesses, receiving the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Best New Business Award in recognition for business excellence. I'm passionate about youth, volunteering as a mentor to assist High School students transitioning into employment. I'm passionate about community, receiving a Citizens Award in recognition of my community service within the District. I'm passionate about charity, receiving the ASB Good Sorts Award in recognition of my charitable work as an Ambassador for the Little Fighters Trust. I'm passionate about health and wellbeing, awarded the Tony Jackson Scholarship in recognition for my service towards empowering people to live a healthier lifestyle. It's my passion that drives me and it's my drive that the New Plymouth District Council need. Vote 1 for
Dinnie and together, we can work to enhance the mana of our community.

Rob Needs

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027 270 2932

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. As a resident of New Plymouth for 45 years and CBD retailer for 18 years (Kiwi Outdoors Centre/Army Stores), I have had an increasing interested in our Council's activities and have seen policies and projects have both positive and negative impact. I am currently a Director of Top Guides, a mountain guiding service operating in Egmont National Park, and also operate a shuttle service to Mount Taranaki. These interests allow me to interface with diverse visitor groups, making tourism, as well as CBD initiatives, of particular interest. As an active committee member of Stratford Mountain Club, former Search and Rescue volunteer and school Board of Trustees member, I have broad connections to our community. I see
myself as a cautious optimist. Community cohesion underpinned by value for money services and facilities would be my drivers in representing you in this wonderful city we all call home

Jack Newsome

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027 348 6592 

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. Born and bred in Inglewood, Taranaki. Sally and I are now living in Bell Block, New Plymouth. I have raised three sons whom enjoy what Taranaki has to offer. I have spent some time travelling overseas and I'm always glad to get back to New Plymouth. I have spent many years dairy farming. I hold a Trade Certificate in Building and a National Diploma in Real Estate; our company name is Town & Country Realty. I'm interested in investigating ways of how the NPDC can boost business confidence, improve traffic congestion and look at increasing in-fill housing to stop urban sprawl. I would like to put the brake on rates increases. With your support I will provide the vision and leadership to tackle the hard issues, put in the hard work and ensure the people of New Plymouth are heard at the council table.

Phil Quinney

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027 703 1016

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I have lived in New Plymouth for 32 years, married Kim 29 years ago and we have three adult sons, Chad, Josh and Brock, all born and raised here. Having previously served 12 years as a District Councillor I find after a break of 6 years I still have the passion, energy and desire to make a positive difference. While our enviable lifestyle attracts new life to our District it also brings higher expectations requiring smarter investment in our future to support this growth. Many of our facilities are out dated and in need of modernising, I believe we are not catering for the current or future needs of our community. Our health and wellbeing along with the lifestyle that we all enjoy is under threat from deteriorating infrastructure and we must address these issues in a responsible manner. I have the experience and skills to do just that.

Dwayne Sherwood

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My principal place of residence is not in the New Plymouth City Ward area. Every story has at least two sides. I believe we need to look at every situation from all angles. Choosing what is best for the community as a whole, for the wellbeing of all the people and the environment. Not just for profit of a few big businesses. We need to make sure ratepayers hard earned money get spent on "Needs", like clean water, recycling and making all our community members happier, healthier, and hopefully wealthier. We cannot continue the path of using ratepayers hard earned dollars on unnecessary "Wants", for a small percentage of the community, and at the benefit of only a few wealthy businessmen. I would like to see Taranaki, not just as the energy sector of NZ, but, Taranaki the happiest, most friendly province in New Zealand

Howie Tamati

profile photo of Howie 

027 224 9056

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. I am also standing for Taranaki District Health Board. I welcome your support to, again, be able to serve you as a New Plymouth District Councillor. My vision for our district is a vibrant and positive place to live and to raise families. My extensive experience as a New Plymouth District Councillor, means I have strong insight and understanding of Council and what is required to make decisions that will benefit the district. I am strongly focused on the health and well-being of our whole community, particularly in the area of fitness, physical activity, recreation and lifelong wellness. These have been shown to result in significant positive health outcomes for communities. I am an independent thinker and I am open to people's views and different ideas. I make decisions based on common sense and values of justice and fairness. I am dedicated and committed to continue make the district a better place to live.

Deb Tawa

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027 575 7954

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My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. To be elected as a Councillor in the New Plymouth District Council 2019 elections would fulfill an ambition to be involved in the long-term prosperity of our city. New Plymouth needs to continue to invest in its community and those who live here, and to do that we need Councillors around the table who are dedicated to progress and committed to community! I'm standing for NPDC Council elections in 2019 because I'm invested in taking on issues that affect our city, and I believe that if you want to make a difference then you need to really be involved. With many years of business and governance experience I'll take a pragmatic approach to decision making. Your voice matters to me, I'm prepared to listen and have the
hard conversations necessary to enable me to make the best decisions possible for the whole community when I'm elected in 2019.

Selwyn Watkins

profile photo of Selwyn Watkins020 415 24285

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth City Ward area. Why should commercial horse training and racing continue on recreational reserve at ratepayer's expense yet pay no lease or rates? I aim to stop this free-ride before June 2024, they have alternative sites. If elected it's my intention to redevelop this enormous area into an open park and multisport-communityhub, a place for netball, hockey, football, rugby, equestrian or cricket. Further, I aim to beautify our approaches to our city, especially Coronation Avenue and into BBK, renegotiate the Rugby Park overspend and make it easier for community clubs and volunteers to operate successfully. I'm for battling climatechange through education and social pressure, predator management throughout New Plymouth, parks, history, art, fairness and taking care of all ages. I have a Masters and Honours degree in business along with local knowledge, practical business sense, negotiating skills and a horticultural background - I can make these historic improvements for a better vibrant city.