How to Vote

Get to know your candidates

The names of candidates can be found at the link below. And short bios will be added once all the candidates are known on 21 August.

Receive your voting papers

The Electoral Commission are responsible for delivering the voting papers. If you are enrolled at the correct address you should receive them by post between 20 and 25 September. 

If you aren't sure if you're enrolled or think you may be enrolled at the wrong address then check your details with the Electoral Commission at

You will receive voting papers for NPDC as well as the Taranaki District Health Board and Taranaki Regional Council.

Vote using STV

STV stands for Single Transferable Vote. It is a new way of voting for NPDC, but you may have used it in the past when voting for the Taranaki District Health Board.

NPDC and TDHB will be using STV this year and TRC will be using First Past the Post.

STV is simple, For each of the positions (mayor, councillors, community board members) you rank the candidates in order of preference. Your top choice gets a 1, your second choice a 2 and so on. You get to choose how many you rank.

Some tips for voting using STV

  • You choose how many candidates you rank, just one or all of them. It's up to you.
  • Start with number 1 and work your way through the numbers until you have ranked all the candidates you want to rank.
  • Do not repeat numbers (or rank candidates as equal).
  • Do not skip numbers.
  • Do not use ticks.
  • Make sure you write the numbers clearly so they are easy to read.

If you make a mistake that you cannot clearly fix then you will need to cast a special vote. Special votes will only be available during the voting period (20 September - 12 October at noon) at the Civic Centre or by phoning the Electoral office on 0800 922 822.

If you want to find out more on the detail of how STV works then go to the Department of Internal Affairs website.

Examples of STV voting

Post your vote to make sure it counts

Don't wait till the last minute and miss out on having your say. Votes need to be received by 12pm, 12 October. If you are posting your vote, this will mean getting it in the post a week before then.

You can drop voting papers off at the NPDC Civic Centre, Bell Block Service Centre, Waitara Service Centre, Inglewood Service Centre or any NZ Post Box.

You can find your nearest postbox here 

Civic and Service Centre opening hours

  Normal opening hours  5 October opening hours 12 October open to accept votes
 NPDC Civic Centre  8am - 5pm Monday - Friday  TBC 8am - 12 noon
 Bell Block Service Centre

 9am - 5pm M,W,F

9am - 6pm Tu,Th

9am - 12 noon Sat

 9am - 12 noon  
 Inglewood Service Centre

 9am - 5pm M,Tu,Th

9am - 6pm W,F

9am - 12 noon Sat

 9am - 12 noon  
 Waitara Service Centre

 9am - 5pm M,W,F

9am - 6pm Tu,Th

9am - 12 noon Sat

 9am - 12 noon