Community Board By-elections

Inglewood Community Board

Results in the Inglewood Community Board By-Election have been confirmed.

The two new board members are:

  • Jono Burrows
  • Phill Hird


Clifton Community Board

The Clifton Community Board held a by-election to fill two remaining places on the community board following the 2019 election.

Clifton Community Board members elected:

Neville Hagenson

Murray Seamark
Phone: 021 431 432 

Extraordinary vacancy

As a result of an extraordinary vacancy on the Clifton Community Board of New Plymouth District Council, a by-election will be held.  Nominations closed at noon on 10 March 2020. 

Those nominated are: 
NICKSON, Tyla (Independent) 

Under section 120 of the Local Electoral Act 2001, notice is given that on Wednesday 6 May 2020, a by-election will be held under the single transferable voting electoral system by postal vote for one member of the Clifton Community Board. 

Read the Clifton Community Board By-Election public notice