Climate Action Framework

You told us climate change was important and in December 2019 we adopted a Climate Action Framework and committed to an urgent response.

We need to plan for climate change in two ways:

  1. Reducing our emissions through measures like electric vehicles or LED streetlights (often referred to as ‘mitigations’)
  2. Planning and adjusting to the effects of climate change (often referred to as ‘adaptation’)

Our Climate Action Framework focuses both on embedding climate change into our strategies, plans and operations as well as engaging with the community, through our committment to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy work programme, to create plans that reduce our emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change.

Our Climate Action Framework includes:



Trialing electric vehicles

Part of our work around climate change is trialing the use of electric vehicles in our fleet. The trial of two electric vehicles will find out of they are fit for our needs.

Planting our parks

We’re piloting a range of initiatives to see how we can best plant on NPDC-owned land to not only reduce our emissions, but improve biodiversity.

We’re documenting our experience, and working out the best way to work with community and hapū groups so we can scale up these initiatives in the future.

Our pilot includes two separate community-led initiatives – one with Sustainable Taranaki around a community garden in Marfell, and one with a local hapū to support their tree planting work. We’re also working with hapū to find the ideal site for an NPDC-led initiative to pilot.

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Creating a district-wide emissions reduction and adaptation plan

We're planning community engagement in 2021 to co-create how, together, we can reduce our district's emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change.

Embedding climate change into our plans and operations

We're working hard behind the scenes to include climate change considerations into our strategies, plans and operations.