Climate Response

Our District is at the forefront of climate change adaptation in New Zealand and we have been leading the way with numerous initiatives to ensure a sustainable transition to a low emissions future. As a region, Taranaki is in a prime position to take on a leadership role, thanks to our history as New Zealand’s energy capital and the associated skill and talent base we’ve developed in industries such as engineering and logistics.

Current activities and initiatives include:

Taking a national leadership role through co-hosting with the Government the inaugural Just Transition Summit in May 2019.
New Zealand’s National Energy Centre being established in Taranaki .
Investing $21m over the next 10 years towards Zero Waste, including a new rubbish collection service and trialling innovative ‘plastic asphalt made from yoghurt containers’ on roads.
Making a number of internal changes such as, improving the Wastewater Treatment Plant and wastewater pump stations to significantly reduce electricity and natural gas use.