Citizens' Awards

Do you know someone who’s blazed a trail in our community?  Or maybe they’ve been a beacon of help for others? Almost everything that’s great in our District has a great person behind it. If you know someone who’s done something awesome and you think they deserve recognition for their efforts let us know who this Local Legend is by nominating them for a Citizens Award.

Citizens Awards 2020

The 2020 nomination period has now closed.

The nominations will be considered and the winners will be celebrated at a ceremony in October.

2019 Citizens Award Winner Profiles

Anne Bovett - Music Extraodinaire

Anne Bovett believes music can change lives and she spends her life doing just that. Her work as helped cultivate generations of talented young musicians and music teachers in New Plymouth.

A talented musician herself, Anne joined the Taranaki Symphony Orchestra at the age of 10, becoming President in 2015. She has helped build a strong and vibrant music scene over the last 30 years, supporting and performing in the New Plymouth Operatic Society, Ars Antiqua Chamber Orchestra and coaching the percussion section of the Taranaki Youth Orchestra.

Three years ago, she became chair of the Taranaki Music Education Trust, which helps students in lower decile schools access music tuition and instruments. She organises fundraising to buy instruments and pay tutors.  School principals have reported remarkable changes in the behaviour and learning of the students participating. 

Anne is also a committee member of the Dame Malvina Major Foundation, which helps young New Zealanders achieve their potential in the performing arts, and a trustee of the Music Innovation Trust of Taranaki.


Barry Hartley - Wildlife Champion

For 70 years Barry Hartley has been a champion for Taranaki’s native wildlife and a community leader. 

His interest in wildlife started when he joined Birds New Zealand (Ornithological Society of New Zealand) as a teenager.

Over the years he has kept careful records of wildlife sightings in Taranaki wetlands and of marine mammals washed up on Taranaki beaches. As a diver Barry has been able to photograph marine wildlife underwater. His passion for marine life led to his involvement in the creation of the Sugar Loaf Island Marine Protected Area in 1986.

He has been involved with a range of local wildlife organisations. He was a founding member of Rapanui Grey-Faced Petrel Trust, the Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust and the Taranaki/Whanganui Conservation Board, and a member of the Taranaki Kiwi Trust.

As a community leader he has been president of both the New Plymouth Rotary Club and the New Plymouth Underwater Club (now the New Plymouth Sportfishing and Underwater Club). 

When he wasn’t helping our native animals he was working as a Fire Safety Officer for the NZ Fire Service.


Dinnie Moeahu - The Ironman with a Heart of Gold

Dinnie Moeahu’s time as an Ironman triathlete will be remembered by generations of New Plymouth families. He raised more than $80,000 for the Little Fighters Trust, which supports families who have a child or a parent with a life-threatening illness. His hard work helped to sponsor a room for Taranaki families at Ronald McDonald House.

Dinnie has also dedicated himself to iwi and other communities in Taranaki, volunteering as a youth mentor for Te Atiawa and a mentor for the Men’s Project, which supports men and boys to contribute to safe and respectful relationships. He is also involved with Accelerator, which helps secondary school students find pathways to work. 

Dinnie gave his time to Step Up Taranaki, which raised money for charity by producing the world’s largest choreographed dance video


Citizens' Award Winners

2019 Citizens' Award Winners
Krystyna Beardman, Anne Bovett, David Chadfield, Evan Cottam, Craig Dent, Barry Hartley, Dinnie Moeahu, Barbara O’Neill, Michael Green, Suzanne Smithers, Bronnie van Lith.

2018 Citizens' Award Winners
Suzy & Jamie Allen, Lynn Bublitz, Alison Cole, Grant Downes, Faye Dravitski, Bruce Findlay, Karen Gillum-Green, Jean Hastie, David Leask, Erica Perry, Elise Smith.

2017 Citizens' Award Winners
Nigel Cash, Elaine Gill, James Hook, Kit Lea, Maureen Lonsdale, Katrina McNab, Terry Parkes, Neil Sulzberger, Clair Tart.G 

2016 Citizens' Award Winners
Gary Brown, Donald Frank, Frances Hume, Bruce Richards, Nigel Austin, Alistar Jordan, Geetha Kutty, Graeme and Marise Northcott, Malcolm Pearce, Anand Rose, Colleen Tuuta. 

2015 Citizens' Award Winners
Denise Betteridge, David Harrop, Dorothy Vivian Honnor, Christopher Hinton, Juliette (Julie) Mace, Ronald (Ron) Millman, Jean Pierce, Raewyn Wolfe, Rae (June) Yearbury.

2014 Citizens' Award Winners
Clive Pryme, Barry Styles, John Howes, Jean Dobbs, Thelma Luxton, Joe Davison, Bruce Gilmour, Margaret Hurley,
Graham Cochrane, Stewart Erb, Jillian Suthon.

2013 Citizens' Award Winners
Carol Fisher, Barrie Stening, Elsie Tubby, Sally Ballott, Shirley Stephens, Shirley Baker, Iris Putt, Isobel Rose,
Sylvia Stokes, Keith Piper, Arthur and Maureen Sutton.

2012 Citizens' Award Winners 
Don Bennett, Michael Fabish, Judy Field, Ashley Howan, Adam Jasinski, Aleister O’Donnell, Rex Phillips, Lawrence Prior, Rosalie and Willie Still.

2011 Citizens' Award Winners 
Colin Drake, Ian Vickers, Nola Tucker, Maree Schumacher, Mike Nightingale, Gladys Hopkinson, Lois Finderup, Claire Patten, Alice Bovett, Barry Webster, John Huggard, Colin King.

2010 Citizens' Award Winners
Douglas and Barbara Ruth Ashby, Nora Banks, William (Bill) Bird, Cathy Dobson, Geraldine (Gerry) Kennedy, Vernon (Terry) Long, Kevin Richardson, Joan Roberts, Ronald Scott, Jim Shepherd, Don Taylor, Ralph Ward.

2009 Citizens' Award Winners
Grant Coward, Mary Gyde, Helen Johnson, Albert Le Fleming, Dr George Mason, Noel Nairn, Bruce Sutton.

2008 Citizens' Award winners
Beryl Allison, Bruce Ball, Paul Clarke, Tina de Vries, Mavis Hepworth, Gwen Herbert, Ruakere Hond, John Major, Tikituterangi Raumati.

2007 Citizens' Award winners
Rex Appleby, Doug Bell, Venna Byrne, Brian Chong, Wally Gillum, Bryan Hocken, Kelvin Jackson, Makiterangi Matthews.

2006 Citizens' Award winners 
Bob Bowler, Trevor Corkin, Lorraine Goodwin, Dennis Iremonger, Roger King, Pam McAuliffe, Alan Parsons, Owen Paton, Violet Rowe, Reginald Trowern, Joyce Young. 

2005 Citizens' Awards winners
Gabrielle Barr, Bryan Benton, Dianne Cook, John Cunningham, Alice Doorbar, Zofia Jasionowicz, Betty Leung, Stewart Maunder, James Pennington, Robert Pitcairn, Graham Walker.

2004 Citizens' Award winners
Mary Boekman, Rob Berry, Jim Boon, Joanna Wooffindin, Vivian Hutchinson, Janet Lean, June Allardice, Steve "Coach" McKean, Pretheeva Fernando, Kay Marx.

2003 Citizens' Award winners 
Rex F Armstrong, James (Jim) Bailey, Mary Charles, George Doeg, Frank Gaze, Fr Gordon Kerins, Grant Kerr, David King, Robert (Bob) Mahy, Murray Moorhead, Fred Stones.

2002 Citizens' Award winners 
Brian Clark, Ivan Dunbar, Ian Finer, Wayne Gaudin, Robert Godderidge, Thelma Gyde, (Inglewood), Robert (Bob) Kay (Inglewood), Anna Kete, Alistair Nelson (Inglewood), Colonel Jack Shaw, Murray Wells.

2001 Citizens' Award winners 
Esta Wilson, Jenny Whitehead, Queenie Silby, Bryan Robb, Robbie Galvin, Margaret Huziff, Eileen Le Fleming, Ra Penn, Terry Partington, John Oxenham, Evelyn Lee, Pat Julian.

2000 Citizens' Award winners 
Nancy And Ern Sutton, Marie Cresswell, Sue Henchman, John Hill, Graham Meads, Pat And Myre Montgomerie, Don Morton, Peter Pritchard, Jim Stokes, Zona Wagstaff, Barry Rosewarne (Posthumous), Dale And  Paddy Whittaker, Graham Meads      (Inglewood), Eileen Le Fleming (Inglewood), Pat Julian               (Inglewood). 

1999 Citizens' Award winners 
Nancy Rowan, Ray And Mavis Petersen, Patricia Wells, Sue Matthews, Peter Van Praagh, Laurie Denton, Marguerite Martin, 
Peter Dombroski, Betty Hill, Rene Sharman, Peter Dombroski (Inglewood), Nan Rowan (Inglewood). 

1998 Citizens' Award winners 
Lesley Adams, Dorothy Anderson, Margaret Bromley, Fred Carrington, Sister Teresa Casey, Nell Clark, Jean Matuku, Jana Partington, Judy Scown, Margaret White, Jack Whitehead, Judy Scown (Inglewood), Nell Clark (Inglewood).

1997 Citizens' Award winners 
Margaret Ashman, Michael Brooke, "Hip" Fenton, Jean Gaustad, Alan Law, Orrel Mcintyre, Barbara Muirhead, Alan Spurdle, Jane Temata, Lorna Thompson, Lynnette West, Neil Wolfe, Orrel Mcintyre (Inglewood), Alan Spurdle (Inglewood), Alan Law (Inglewood).

1996 Citizens' Award winners 
Don Brash, Max Brooking, Jo (Jocelyn) Connor, Ken Hunt, Brian Inns, Trevor Lye, Mary Mould, Archie Smith, Molly Snowden, Roy West, Ken Hunt   (Inglewood), Archie Smith  (Inglewood).

1995 Citizens' Award winners 
George Best, Norma Geary, Terence D. Griffiths, Peter Harvey, Donald Harry Holyoake, Colin Kilpatrict, Beryl Lawrence, Jean Rogers, Thomas J. Ryan, Malcolm Vickery, Maurice R. Waite, Billie (Rena) Feaver, Colin Kilpatrick  (Inglewood), Maurice Waite (Inglewood).

1994 Citizens' Award winners 
Kenneth Charles Bacon, Mervyn Bain, Carla Brown, Ramona Reta Fenton, Marie R. Fletcher, Sylvia Hopson, Rene Jans, Virginia Mills, Dorothy "Dot" Mudgway, Victoria Kuini Skipworth, John David Smith, Dorothy Edna Wheeler, Mervyn Bain (Inglewood), Sylvia Hopson (Inglewood), Victoria Skipworth (Inglewood), Joan Smith (Inglewood).

1993 Citizens' Award winners 
Ray Jordon, Lenard Bielski, Ngaire Anderson, Joan Mundt, Graham & Rena Wallace, Flora Mclean-Allen, Jean Richards, Raymond Rook, David Wilks, James Kitz Hammonds, Barbara Hunt, Robert George Richardson, Len Bielski (Inglewood), James Hammonds (Inglewood), Barbara Hunt (Inglewood), Joan Mundt (Inglewood).

1992 Citizens' Award winners 
Robert James Austin, Robert Thomas Begley, Beryl Winifred Booth, Jean Cameron, Bernard John Corkkill, Daphne Laura Crone, Muriel Livingston, Roger Malthaus, Ivy Werenia Papakura, Billy Tutty, Marion Wellington, Alfred S. West, Tuti Nga Whaka Heke Wetere, Robert Austin (Inglewood), Daphne Crone (Inglewood), Alfred West (Inglewood).

1991 Citizens' Award winners 
Harold Raymond Ashworth, Florinda Lambert, Joseph Martin Kuklinski, Doris Rowena Zrinyi, Peggy Bracegirdle, Esme Tamati, Maisie Ireland, John Chivers, Malcolm Grant Mcalpine, Edward Victor Malcolm, Jim Carmine, Maurice Phelen, Diana Margaret Gillies, Maurice Betts, Mac Mckenzie, Peggy Bracegirdle (Inglewood), Joe Kuklinski (Inglewood), Florinda Lambert (Inglewood).

1990 Citizens' Award winners 
Desmond Corbett, Darcy Richard Crone, Susette Goldsmith, Robert & June Hook, Faith Huffam, Nora Patricia Hurley, Molly Kay, Colin Macgibbon, Mary Neds, Russell Price, Materena Marjorie Rau-Kupa, Don Reeve, Mae Robinson, Martin Silby, John Wells, Betty West, Joseph B Wetzel, Jean Williams, John Yandle, Darcy Crone   (Inglewood), Molly Kay   (Inglewood), Donald Reeve   (Inglewood).

1989 Citizens' Award winners 
No awards due to local government restructuring. The following names were on the Inglewood board:
Pearl Bennett, Bill Souness, Nel Simons, Valma Hirst.

1988 Citizens' Award winners 
Barry Marsh, Victor Rhodes, David Mitchell, Peg Allen, Joan King, Polly Kopu   (Inglewood), Deborah Richardson    (Inglewood), Douglas Rowan     (Inglewood), Kelvin Wackrow    (Inglewood).

1987 Citizens' Award winners 
Joy Bate, Edna Davis, ,Philip Gayton, Sister Annete Mary, Claire Powell.

1986 Citizens' Award winners 
Norman Cashmore, Mervyn Chivers, Lionell Hall, Ann Moengaroa Horo, Parry James, Annette Lobb, Josephine Malcom, Helen Munley, Philip Phelan. 

1985 Citizens' Award winners 
Shirlie Fairey, Mona Horne, Ian Menzies, Robert Lamplough,Francis Morine.

1984 Citizens' Award winners 
Don Denham, Dorothy Foster, Omer Hooker, Alan Ryan, William Scott, Bernice Wood, Fred Tucker.

1983 Citizens' Award winners 
June Jamieson, Margaret Mckenzie, Joyce Petrove, Nan Simpson, Roger Tonkin.

1982 Citizens' Award winners 
Joseph Stanley Anchor, Michael Henry Burke, Roy J Burkitt, Ronald Mervyn Christensen, Fred P Grundy, Cyril Moss, Marjory Irene Ross, Ernie Scott, Ethel Mary Shaw, Winston Lionel Williams, Ivy Elizabeth (Betty) Yeates.

1981 Citizens' Award winners 
Errol Lawson Bland, Marion Louise Cornes, Norman John Turner, Mervyn Lucas, Kathleen Rangi, Elizabeth Gilhooly, Nan Sutherland, Dorne Arthur, Beryl Ellen Christina Beaurepaire.

1980 Citizens' Award winners 
George Stephen Patrick Bartlett, Mabel Mary Bleakley, Francis Beatson Blundell, Percival Roy Kennedy, Raymond Charles Locke, John Mckendrick, Elle Mckoy, Lillian Myrtle Remington, Dorothy Rose Rogers, Barry Sefton, Eric Glen Wilde.

1979 Citizens' Award winners 
George Roy Coleman, Elizabeth Douch, Ernest Melville Frank, F.M. (Cis) Gable, Violet Mary Gilmour, Mona Elizabeth Jones, Alice Elizabeth Kaye, Stanley Arthur Lay, Kenneth Martin, Herbert David Mullon, John & Shirley Murphy, Alexander Francis Watters, Deric Cyril Woodhead, The Late Roy Gilding Hawke.