Suppliers- Working with Us

We want to make working with us easy! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and efficient systems. If your questions are not answered on this page please contact us.

What does your invoice need to show

Invoices must clearly show the purchase order (PO) number, your bank details, the staff member or department you were dealing with, email address for communication and if you are GST registered your invoice must display the words “tax invoice” and show the GST component or have a statement that the total includes GST.

Purchase orders (PO) are mandatory

This means that your invoice must display a valid seven digit PO number on it, starting with “10xxxxx”.
Your invoice will be returned if it does not have a PO number on it. The only exceptions are where you have a contract number, voucher number, or if a direct debit or automatic payment has already been set up.

Terms and conditions for payment

Please see our terms and conditions for details on our payment system.

Contact us

You can send your invoices to us by email or post.
Post: Accounts Payable, NPDC, Private Bag 2025, New Plymouth 4342
Phone: 06-759 6060 and ask for Accounts Payable

When will I be paid?

This depends on when we receive your invoice. You will be paid on the 20th of the month if we receive your invoice at least five  working days before the 20th and there are no issues with the charges. We also have a 31st payment run to pay any overdue invoices. If you have an issue or you have not received a payment we will try to resolve your concern within 24 hours of receiving the request.

Still haven’t received your payment?

Call our accounts payable team on 06-759 6060. Either the invoice hasn’t arrived to us yet or we are still waiting for the relevant staff member to approve the invoice. Please call first, don’t resend the invoice unless you have talked with us.

New supplier?

New suppliers must complete a new supplier pack before supplying goods and services to us. Please ask the person you are supplying goods or services to at the Council for a supplier pack to complete.

Procurement policy

We have a procurement policy to outline the procedures around the purchase and supply of goods and services. Read our procurement policy and procedures.

Health and safety in purchasing

We take health and safety seriously. All our contractors (including contractors' sub-contractors) are required to go through an approval process to evaluate their health and safety management system and qualifications before they can tender or be considered for work. See our contractor information web page for details.